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Little Love Notes

leopard purse bag sweater nails rings ParknCube

It’s been a busy week, and by the looks of things, it’ll be an even busier weekend.  And to top it all off, this week was tough, to say the least.  Hoping things start to turn around, and if they don’t, I’m headed straight to Neiman Marcus.  This may just be the kind of stress only a handbag can cure!

On a brighter note, a few little love notes …

Dear everything that is good and awesome about being a kid, watch this toddler experience rain for the first time.

Dear Buzzfeed, I am spending an embarrassing amount of time on your site each week (most likely, when I probably should be working).  It’s those dang quizzes.  Here’s another excuse to stall:  The 42 Ways To Type Laughter, Defined.

Dear dreamy beach wedding dresses, a resounding yes.

Dear Utah, ending homelessness by giving people homes – the initiative is so brilliant in it’s simplicity … and it’s working, well.

Dear best news ever, homemade mochi exists!  Let’s face it, my obsession with frozen yogurt stems from the fact that I’m in it for the toppings.  I mean, who isn’t?  Namely, the mochi (and the graham cracker crust, and the strawberries, and the cap ‘n crunch … don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!)  But mochi is the shiz.  And you can make it at home.  This could be dangerous.

Dear antler averse, these gorgeous lucite faux antlers may be the perfect decor solution.

Dear fellow bloggers, get local.  (i.e., How this blogger makes her living off of a blog no one’s heard of.)

Dear New York Fashion Week, I miss you already; snow and all.


Image via Park & Cube // Bag: Kurt Geiger // Watch: Sekonda // Ring: Boticca


The Stylish Winter Parka

leopard parka navy red proenza bag street style necklace Parka-Fur-Hood-jacket-street-style-fashion

I’m a Miami girl through and through.  But let me tell you, after braving the Winter for the past three days in Maine, I am freezing my butt off, and feeling some serious sympathy for my Northern friends.  Seriously, I don’t know how you all do it!  But it has occurred to me that a warm parka is essential.  So far, I’ve tried a cuter coat, with not a whole lot of insulation, and that requires about five layers worn underneath it.  And the worst part about too many layers?  You’re stripping naked in the restaurant or department store, trying desperately to cool off (because Northerners keep it majorly toasty indoors … not that that’s a bad thing!)  So I’ve started to hunt for a cuter winter parka, and let me say, that is no easy task.  Most are super puffy with little shape and not a whole lot of style.  They also all seem to run in black, khaki and green.  Boring.  So I’m on the hunt for a stylish Winter parka (with a whole lot of warmth packed in!)

Images via Scent of Obsession + Ketch-em Bunnies


Design: A Pop of Animal Print

tiger stripe sofa cushions fireplace living room - jeffrey-bilhuber-trey-laird-03-living-room

I fall in love with my husband a little bit more every day.  And a few times each year, mostly at major life events, but sometimes when he says or does just the right thing, I fall in love all over again.  And though it may not compare to the tougher times, like when I was really sick and hubby had to do everything for me; the day he told me he liked my leopard print throw, that it went with our decor perfectly, well, I fell in love a lot again.  (And side note: Did you catch Courtney’s post about her animal-print hating date? Basically Courtney went on a date with a man who, immediately out of the gate, told her how much he despised when women wore leopard print.  Ew. #dealbreaker)

Okay, I’m way off track.  Animal prints in interior decorating.  Keep it simple by throwing in just one or two bold animal print accents.  That way, people who maybe wouldn’t bathe, sleep, and dream in animal print, can tolerate … nay, even appreciate, that gentle touch of chic animal print.

zebra cowhide rug white parsons desk lucite chairs office leopard pillow cream stud sofa lonny Courtney Giles Interiors via Atlanta Home mag zebra pillows living room

If you’re particularly leopard-obsessed, check out my Leopard Print Interior Decorating post, here.

Images via Architectural Digest // Decor Pad // Lonny Mag // Courtney Giles Interiors


Leopard Print Interior Decorating

Today I’m talking leopard print interior decorating, and why I’ll probably be in trouble again …

On many an occasion I’ve talked about the pitfalls of decorating your home in zebra and hot pink when you live with a husband (who prefers not to sit on fuchsia sofas with animal print throw pillows), and yet, I struggle to heed my own advice.  Because today, Pinterest got me again – she showed me leopard prints – on sofas, on wall-to-wall rugs, on office chairs, and in living rooms – and I’m so hooked it hurts.

To see the rest of the fabulous pictures … Click here!


Mis-Matched Exotic Prints With Kohl’s

I’ve never been good at matchy-matchy – I always wore blacks with browns, polka dots with stripes, clunky boots with dresses – and some of that, in the early years, was a product of not being a morning person (brush hair, put on shirt, put on pants, walk out house, don’t forget shoes.)  Today my mismatched wardrobe has become a nod to my personality.  I’m a bit quiet, though I have plenty to say (thus the love for writing, I suppose!)  Clothes, accessories, shoes – they give me a chance to fake being loud, sans microphone.  And animal prints – therein lies my passion for fashion.

So, when Kohl’s asked me to style a look for the Exotic Trend, I was more than happy to oblige!  Let me start by openly admitting, I obsess over the show Jerseylicious.  If you’ve never tuned in, you really should.  I heart The Style Network in a big way, and Jerseylicious is the dramatic, Jersey smack-talking, all-things-animal-print-wearing, ying to my quiet-as-a-mouse yang.  The point being (I promise, I have one), these ladies rock animal prints from head-to-toe.  While I adore their cray cray style, I’m not suggesting you step out in giraffe print top, zebra pants, leopard shoes, and so on (take note: this is not a cute look; I may or may not have tried it at some point.)

But when it comes to animal prints, I do like taking risks (I mean, I am wearing cheetah print.)  And this season, wouldn’t you know, it’s all about mixing prints.  Forget ‘matchy-matchy’, get ‘clashy’.


I tackled Kohl’s with the staples in mind – LBD (little black dress) and great exotic accessories.  But you know, the shopping bug hit me and I kind of wanted it all.  I am an admitted Kohl’s newbie, so I was surprised to find so much fabulousness packed into one reasonably-sized department store.  I ogled over the dresses from Jennifer Lopez’s line – seriously, if you need a steady supply of well-made solid-colored dresses, look no further.  A few of the rocker chic tops from Rock & Republic completely stole my heart.  And every pair of Candie’s shoes belonged in my closet.  But then they hit me like “a sack of potatoes” (said in British little girl accent – watch this clip from Ellen, and absolutely, I watch too much TV.)  There on the racks was a pair of floral skinny jeans in my size.  The designer?  My style icon, Lauren Conrad.  Floral.  Floral.  Yep, not exotic trend.  Not at all.  But then I remembered, who am I kidding?  I never ever match.  And therein lies the making of a brilliantly mis-matched outfit.

I decided to style an outfit for a weekend of errands, cleaning house, late lunch, and room to shop.  I relish in weekends.  My husband works crazy long hours and I never shut off, so weekends are for us – they’re sacred.  Even errands become an adventure for us, and we take our missions seriously – thus the need for flats.

I paired my new most favorite floral skinnies ever with leopard smoking flats (a.k.a., loafers) – nod to menswear, love it and rocked seriously bold gold snakeskin baubles.  The floral skinnies are buttery smooth, and the dark floral pattern on the pants actually slims fairly well, the length also hits right at the ankle, which I love.  The draped cardigan has great attention to detail and will likely become an every day favorite.  All of the shoes by Candie’s were on-trend and a lot had great animal prints, but I’ve been dying for a pair of leopard loafers and these sweet shoes fit the bill!  And lastly – the jewelry – to me, jewelry makes an outfit.  I’m a huge fan of yellow gold and these Apt. 9 pieces were totally my style.

The beauty of this outfit is that deconstructed, I can wear each and every piece on its own and in so many different ways.  Kohl’s really had in incredible selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories, and trust me, if I ever need a LBD in a pinch, I’ll know just where to go!

Note:  Pardon my baby, Belly, she decided to ham it up for the camera!

Disclosure: Bloggers received a gift card on behalf of Kohl’s via Glam Media to complete the trend look. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Kohl’s. All trademarks and service marks are owned or licensed by Kohl’s Illinois, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Kohl’s Department Stores, Inc.


The Latest in Animal Prints

Forget animal prints, why not kick it old school (circa kindergarten), and rock animals printed on your clothes?

And really, what’s cooler than a blouse covered in zebras, roosters, horses, birds, and cats?

A few of my favorite current animal-printed pieces:

ASOS Poodle Shrunken Boyfriend Blazer + Poodle Pocket Mini Skirt

ASOS Sugarhill Boutique Playsuit in Bunny Print

ModCloth Everly Tour de Horse Dress

ModCloth Ze-brouhaha Cardigan Horse Cardigan

Forever21 Equine Knit Top

Joie Constantine Owl-Print Silk Dress

Old Navy Bird Print Charmeuse Blouse

Anthropologie Leifsdottir Scattered Wing Romper

Images: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6