Surprise! We’ve Got Big News …

This announcement is exactly what you think it is; hubby and I are thrilled to announce that we’re pregnant and are expecting baby number two this Fall! We’re already 18 weeks along, but it felt right to keep the secret between us and our immediate family, before sharing with the world. We experienced miscarriage before we had Scarlett, so I tend to wait well into our pregnancies before we share the incredible news. Thankfully, we’re carrying a healthy, growing baby, and it’s time to share! It feels so much more real going public with the news. I feel like I can finally breathe a sigh of relief, and embrace this growing bump.

Surprise! We've Got Big News ... We're pregnant with baby number two! | | @glitterinc Surprise! We've Got Big News ... We're pregnant with baby number two! | | @glitterinc

Baby number two is due at the beginning of October, but because Scarlett was almost a month early, we’re looking at a September to October “window.” Here’s to hoping this one stays in as long as possible!

Surprise! We've Got Big News ... We're pregnant with baby number two! | | @glitterinc Surprise! We've Got Big News ... We're pregnant with baby number two! | | @glitterinc

If you’ve followed along for a few years now, you’ll probably know that hubby has been ready for baby number two from the moment they wheeled Scarlett out of the OR. (You can read more about Scarlett’s birth story here.) I always wanted a big family – as did he – but after Scarlett – I needed time to settle into motherhood and to feel like myself again. Or at the least, some version of my old self. It takes time to feel confident in your ability to be a good mom, and it also takes time to heal. Emergency c-sections are no joke. I finally felt ready a few months back, and so, we leapt.

Surprise! We've Got Big News ... We're pregnant with baby number two! | | @glitterinc

Knowing how amazing it is to have Scarlett in our lives has made this pregnancy news all the more exciting for us. I dream about what our new baby will look like, be like, sound like, smell like. I scroll through old videos of Scarlett as a baby and tear up. I’m feverishly making lists and planning parties and room designs, and simultaneously taking it slower, enjoying moments with Scarlett, and reminding myself that we’ve done this before, and can do it again.


I can’t say that the nerves haven’t reared their ugly head. Mostly I worry about how we’ll manage, how we’ll juggle it all, how we’ll make it work so far from any family, and how Scarlett will fare. I’m least worried about how Scarlett will adjust. She already seems excited with the news, though she continues to remind us that she’s the baby at random moments throughout the days and weeks. More than anything, I wish I had my family nearby. It pains me to think we’re raising our babies so far from my own family; whom I’m incredibly close with. But everyone has rallied around us, especially with the wonderful news, and I know they’ll be here when I need them. And hubby has been nothing but over-the-moon excited and reassuring, and I know, as a team, we can do anything.

Surprise! We've Got Big News ... We're pregnant with baby number two! | | @glitterinc

If anyone has any advice at all about making it work with two little ones – especially far from family – I’m all ears. I’ve been reading any and every article online about parenting two kids and staring at chubby little babies in fellow moms’ shopping carts at the store like a maniac. Can you tell I’m nervous and excited and every emotion in between?

Surprise! We've Got Big News ... We're pregnant with baby number two! | | @glitterinc

I’m so grateful to all of you for following along. This little blog of mine will continue to be full of fashion, beauty products I love, parties I can’t stop throwing, recipes I can’t stop making, travel, life, and peeks at our growing family. Now I’m off to plan Scarlett’s third birthday, a sprinkle/summer barbecue, and a gender reveal! Any guesses? Boy or Girl?

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  1. Such exciting news Lexi! Congrats to your sweet family! I had similar feelings as you when figuring out when to have another. You will do great! Adjusting to two is hard at first, but you will all get into a new rhythm in no time! I actually pride myself on the things I do without family here to help lol. And being able to laugh at the things I can’t also helps 😉 I celebrate little wins and we try to stay consistent with bed times so that everyone gets a break. I wrote a post yesterday actually on marriage after kids, you probably would enjoy it! Again, I’m so happy for y’all!!! Best of luck with your pregnancy! <3

    • Lexi

      You are the best and I totally needed to hear all of this! Checking out your post now. <3

    • Lexi

      Thank you! <3

  2. Alyssa

    Congratulations! Your family is so beautiful!

    • Lexi

      You are so sweet! Thank you!!

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