Classic Bean Boots (and Some Big Travel News)

Last Winter, Mike and I headed to my parents’ house in Maine for a very cold Winter vacation.  It was a lovely ten days spent freezing, eating, aaand slipping and sliding.  I mean, seriously, how do Northerners do it?  No matter what boots I wore, or how carefully I walked (a.k.a., the ninety-year-old shuffle), I slipped around on the ice like a terrified puppy.  Hubby had been smart and bought these heavy duty Sorels (actually, strike that … I was smart on his behalf, and somehow not mine, and had ordered him a new pair of boots for the trip, but skipped ordering myself a pair because they looked so giant and furry and I was convinced I could make “cute” boots work in the snow.)  No, no you can’t.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect $200.  Cute boots and snow were never meant to be.  I’ve seen plenty of cute heavy duty Winter boots since then, but today I’m here to talk to you about the ever-classic bean boots (as in, the L.L. Bean boots New Englanders have been wearing for more than a hundred years.  There’s a reason for that.)

llbean-bean-boots-cute-snowboots l.l.bean bean boots water bows bean boots and socks l.l.-bean-boots-winter-ski-snow-plaid

I first spotted bean boots in Maine.  Actually, I spotted them everywhere.  On everyone.  They’re cute in this unbelievably charming classic-hipster-meets-prep kind of way.

You’re probably rolling your eyes right now, saying, “Lexi, duh, it’s only September.”  But here’s the thing, bean boots sell out quickly, and take weeks (if not months) to make and ship … each pair is handmade in Maine (Read: worth the wait), so September IS the time to order them.  (I was majorly tempted by this pair as well, but I thought the full shearling lining might be just a tad much, even for me.)

As for the traveling …

I also happen to have grand plans to travel like crazy this Fall/Winter, because as of October 3rd, hubby’s residency interview season will officially kick off, and Scarlett and I will be tagging along as often as possible (both because I am travel-obsessed and I am equally terrified to agree to move to a city I have never been to/can’t picture for the life of me.)  So much more on our residency travels coming soon.  


How to Choose L.L. Bean Duck Boots:

By the way, just ordered my first pair: the 8″ Gore-Tex/Thinsulate bean boots (with plans to add the shearling insoles for extra cold travel days); I wanted a pair that could withstand melting snow and seriously cold temperatures … along with anything below fifty degrees, because when you’re from Miami, below fifty is freeeezing.

For comparison, the 6″ hit at around the ankle and are great for Fall and everyday wear; the 8″ cover more leg (and I think are more suitable for colder temps); and the 10″ hit at lower mid-calf (are 100% Winter-ready and look adorable laced up only about halfway.)

Do you own a pair of bean boots (or something similar?)  What’s your favorite style?

Images via: Bows & Sequins // Prep Avenue // What I Wore // Classy Girls Wear Pearls // Empire Style of Mind



  1. Heidi D.

    I bought a pair of Sorels last year that I literally searched to the ends of the earth for and love them. Being in Chicago I definitely use them a lot and I seriously get stopped by at least one person every time I wear them.

    Heidi D.

  2. Stephanie

    Those are adorable! I lived in Florida and just recently moved to Australia, so no snow in my future living. BUT we often travel to snow because my boy loves snowboarding. My Hunter rainboots definitely do the job. My feet are dry and warm (with the fleece insert), plus I don’t go slipping and sliding. They have a snow boot option too, but I opted for just the rain boots. 🙂

  3. Meagan

    Is the UT Medical Center in San Antonio Texas on your list of places? If so, I’d love to meet up for coffee. I’m a probate lawyer in San Antonio, so we could chat business!

  4. Heather

    I just wanted to stop by and say I really enjoy your blog! I think it’s wonderful that you have a career outside of blogging too. Girl power!

    Partial to Pink

    • Lexi

      You are so sweet – thank you!! 🙂

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  6. Amanda

    Where did you get the plaid bean boots??

    • Lexi

      I believe they are an old style – no longer on the LLBean site. So sorry! 🙁

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