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Hi… Alyson from The Average Girl’s Guide here! While Lexi is soaking up every moment with that adorable baby girl, I’m excited to share with you I load up my diaper bag. I’m now a mom of two — we have a 4-year old girl and an 8-month old boy — so the diaper bag is constantly transitioning.

Before we get into it, must tell you that if you’re in the market for a diaper bag resist the urge to go too girly and resist the urge to over-pay for a “diaper bag.” After a year, you’ll likely transition to a tote (I used this for two years until my son was born and it’s awesome). The only key: pockets! Look for lots of them, particularly in the first year.

Diaper Bag Essentials

storksak diaper bag (comes in 5 colors): you’ll use this long after baby is, well, a baby! Durable and easy to wipe down, the solid colors make it a perfect chic neutral.

Honest Company baby balm: because tushes — and your hands! — need some love. This stuff is great. {also available here}

Baby Wipes: obviously these and diapers are a must. My favorite wipes EVER, EVER, EVER are the ones from Costco. If you live near one, buy them in bulk and thank me later. We have them in every bathroom, in cars, etc. Those, and these Honest Co., ones are super gentle yet effective from tushes to dirty hands.

wubbanub pacifier: so great for consoling your little one. These are adorable and functional.

Sophie the Giraffe: the teething toy of the original, this one has multiple services and it’s super easy to hold.

camelback water bottle: because mom deserves to stay hydrated, too! {bring some of your favorite snacks as well; no breaks for mom!}

Aden & Anais swaddling blankets: I didn’t know about these for my girl, but now, they rock my world. We used the this brand’s sleep sacks for bed — not these for swaddling — but they’re the perfect light-weight blanket, sheet, you name it. Put over baby in his car seat or crib, lay down as a mini blanket in the park, the uses are endless. Best purchase. Comes in a ton of prints.

Aden & Anais bibs: both are babies loved to spit up and not to get graphic, but nothing has held us as well as these. They’re insanely absorbent, super soft for baby, and have an adjustable neck so you get longer use. We still bring these out with us.

Pajamas (for unexpectedly late nights!): a pair for him, and a pair for her! We love our Gap & Old Navy pjs — two pieces are way easier for quick changes instead of all those buttons.

Baby Einstein Music Player: this guy is our jam! My daughter was obsessed with this — it plays 7 baby friendly classical songs — and our son can’t get enough. We might own three. {diaper bag, one in the playroom and one in our room when we get ready!}.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment: upgrade your lip balm to something pretty with a little shimmer! This one packed with SPF is gorgeous.

Thanks again for checking out my diaper bag more essentials! For more insights, style, recipes & fun finds from this average gal, visit The Average Girl’s Guide.



  1. Niki

    I have many of these on my registry, so that makes me feel like I’m headed in the right direction!!! Great picks!

  2. Kayla

    Aww how cute are those little pjs? Love this post Alyson – totally bookmarked – for the future.. haha! : )


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  4. alyson

    thanks so much for having me visit, Lexi!

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