DIY Dip-Dye Glitter Pumpkins

It’s no secret that I’m a glitter fanatic, and this project is simple and utilizes a whole lot of glitter. I am also admittedly one of the many who obsesses over all things pumpkin during the Fall holidays. Dipping the pumpkins in glitter is easy and fun, and looks really fancy. Basically, this DIY is perfect for me … and I suspect, for a lot of you too.

DIY glitter pumpkins halloween _

And of course, these glitter-dipped pumpkins are perfect for a Halloween decoration or as rustic-meets-glam centerpieces for a Thanksgiving tablescape.

DIY glitter pumpkins halloween craft gold _


mod podge
tape (masking tape or painter’s tape)


  1. Be sure your pumpkins are clean and dry.
  2. Here the pumpkins are only covered in glitter halfway up, you can use masking tape to tape about halfway down the pumpkin and mod podge below the line of tape.  Or you could freehand it; it all looks great.
  3. Paint on the mod podge wherever you want the glitter, then sprinkle glitter generously over the mod podge.
  4. Shake off any extra glitter and touch up any spots you missed.
  5. Once your pumpkins have completely dried, it’s a good idea to gently paint on another coat of modge podge. This will dry clear and will help keep the glitter from getting on everything.

DIY glitter pumpkins halloween how-to _

Voila – you have sparkly pumpkins that will keep your table adorable and festive through the holidays!

DIY glitter pumpkin halloween _

This fabulous DIY was submitted by Kelsey of P.S. Heart – check out her blog for more great projects and recipes!



  1. Alyssa

    Glitter pumpkins?! Yes please!

  2. Niki

    These are gorgeous! I have two sugar pumpkins at home and I just bought a tub of Mod Podge and glitter – I may put it to good use with this DIY!

    • Lexi

      So excited to hear that – can’t wait to see what you make!

  3. I LOVE this idea! Totally doing it. Thank you for sharing! (Also, I love your sense of design. Your tutorials are always so easy to read and well laid-out. Beautiful!)



    • Lexi

      Thank you so much, Kelly!!

  4. Comfy Cozy Couture

    These are so cute!! I love the gold glitter…pumpkin perfection!

  5. Kate

    Love this! Totally suitable for your blog!

  6. Rebecca

    I never even thought about this – such a wonderful idea! I love the finished product!

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