Drake on Cake

If you’re looking for some giggles, meet Drake on Cake. The ever-talented Joy the Baker started the Instagram account, Drake on Cake, dedicated to Drake song lyrics … on top of cakes (and cupcakes and pie) … and it is SO worth the follow. (Because of course Joy would have a ridiculously cool side project that everyone is going to want to follow.)

Drake on Cake - My Only Wish is I Die Real Drake on Cake - I'm Just Sayin You Could Do Better Drake on Cake - Dream Big and Sleep Late Drake on Cake - Hot Love and Emotion Endlessly Drake on Cake - Got a Lot of Enemies Drake on Cake - Paper My Passion Drake on Cake - No New Friends Drake on Cake - YOLO Drake on Cake - Big Girls All Get a Little Taste

images via Drake on Cake



  1. Yes! I started following this account a couple weeks ago; it’s so great!

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