Design Files: Vintage Berber Rugs (a.k.a., boucherouite rugs)

Pinterest is a beautiful thing. I’m always amazed at the stunning things I find there. Take this berber rug, for instance; it’s perfect and awesome and needs to be in my living room. And because it’s Pinterest, that pin led me down the berber carpet rabbit hole, because … Pinterest.

Berber carpets (a.k.a., berber rugs, boucherouite rugs, Moroccan rag rugs, etc. in design-land) are vibrant rugs handmade by the women of the Berber tribe located in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Traditionally, rugs like this were made of wool and cotton and used in the maker’s own home. No two boucherouite rugs are ever the same, which makes them extra unique.

Design Files: Vintage Berber Rugs (a.k.a., boucherouite rugs) by NC blogger Glitter, Inc. boucheroute rigs living room eclectic design boucherouite-rug-living-room


There are actually so many great boutique retailers of these rugs. I recently discovered stores like Beldi Rugs, Beklina, and Pink Rug Co. that all carry a great selection of very unique boucherouite rugs.

Then there’s Coco Carpets, a little side business from Caroline and Jayden Lee, otherwise known as Woodnote Photography (and Elephant Landing); gorgeous berber rugs at a pretty reasonable price (especially considering how pricey area rugs can get). Coco Carpets specializes in one-of-a-kind, vintage berber carpets, including boucherouite rugs.

coco-carpets-azilal-boucherouite-moroccan-rug-30_1024x1024 coco-carpets-azilal-boucherouite-moroccan-rug-51_1024x1024 coco-carpets-azilal-boucherouite-moroccan-rug-12_1024x1024 coco-carpets-azilal-boucherouite-moroccan-rug-41_1024x1024

Any favorites?

Images via The Apartment //ideat magazine // Nordic Design // Coco Carpets



  1. Sarah

    Those rugs are fantastic! Especially loving the first one you’re holding up (and loving that watercolor painting).

    x Sarah

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