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Luxe Beach Set-up

When I think of the beach I usually think of sand stuck to my feet, tangled hair, and a lot of sunscreen (okay, maybe I’m not that cranky about the beach, but the tangled hair, at least in my case, seems inevitable.)  This luxe beach set-up, however, is every inch glamorous and inviting and a wedding or event set beachside, on rustic picnic tables complete with burlap table cloth, gold and ceramic flower vases, bright fuchsia blooms, candles, and a white fur shrug, are my kind of beach soiree.

Image here


Picnics + Dining Al Fresco

Ever since traveling 1,000s of miles away to actually get a tan (note: we live in Miami), I realized the hubby and I could stand to, well, stand in the sunshine.  I go from home to car to work to car to home.  Not good.

So I’m going to be industrious, and force our butts outside – Martha Stewart style.  The plan: dining al fresco.  I love the idea of a picnic – they look so lovely in pictures; then again, I’m not exactly “one” with nature, I’m more “allergic” to nature.  So I’m thinking baby steps – -we have this great outdoor set-up on our little deck and we never ever use it.  Operation, dinner outside, in motion.

Do you do dinner outside?  Do you ever just plop down on the grass and enjoy the great outdoors?

I’ve got to get on this, or else we’ll wind up just purchasing one of these crazy picnic table contraptions via Architizer and calling it a success …

Images via: Classy in the City // Pinterest // Architizer


Picnic Wedding Ideas

I’ve had a seeming infatuation with baskets since my early years, watching Yogi Bear fight so hard for that pic-a-nic basket.  (Watch cartoons, they’re good for you.)  So it’s no wonder, I could focus on only one thing when I saw this park wedding over at Forget Me Knot Weddings months ago.  Baskets!

Plus the picnic-themed party idea is just plain adorable.

The bride, Danni, from the duo, Danni + Nick of ohellofriend, explains the baskets:

‘We reversed our wedding schedule around and started with the reception first, because we wanted to get married at sunset. guests arrived and gathered to share a picnic basket lunch. There was no seating at the park, so we went all out with picnic blankets.’

I’m a huge fan of collecting something for the wedding – it adds a personal touch and the eclectic mix speaks volumes about a well-thought-out wedding. {More on that here.}

Plus, the picnic theme has the wheels in my head turning – what a cute menu you could come up with:

  • wax-paper wrapped sandwiches (turkey/avocado/brie, mozarella + tomato, etc.)
  • cups of potato salad, cole slaw, veggie salads
  • cupcakes, cookies, brownies
  • fresh fruit
  • homemade potato chips in kraft paper bags
  • lemonade, iced tea

Valentine’s Day picnic, anyone?

Images via: Forget Me Knot Weddings // Photographs by Christian Cruz


The Alternative Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

I’m a big fan of February, and V-day in particular, but I’m not really a pink-heart-romper-wearing kind of girl. Though I’m as feminine as they get, I live for black, gold, studs, eyeliner, and rock ‘n roll.  As for our big night plans, I’ll be staying in this V-day with the hubby.  I guess when you’re working all day everyday, the sofa, a bottle of wine, and ice cream – those are the crème de la crème.

1. Lauren Moshi Willow Diamond Lips Sweater // 2. Alexander McQueen Leather Wrap Skull Bracelet // Emily Elizabeth Open Heart Bangle // Emily Elizabeth Secret Open Bangle // Emily Elizabeth Skull Open Bangle // Alexander McQueen Twin Skull Bracelet // 3. Picnic Time Picnic Basket // 4. Hanky Panky Zipper Low Rise Thong // 5. Barefoot Dreams Wild Leopard Throw // 6. Ice Cream