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How to Make Simple DIY Flower Arrangements

I am a grocery store flower junkie. {Plenty of evidence over on my instagramfacebooktwitter, and snapchat → glitterinclexi (lots of fun behind-the-scenes there).} I just can’t help myself – those inexpensive bunches from the store get me every time. Most weeks I gravitate towards the 3 for $12 bunches of flowers – daises, baby’s breath, tea roses, the list goes on – and I find myself playing with combinations. Now that Spring has officially sprung, I’ve started branching out and picking wildflowers on our walks each evening.

There’s just something about flowers. They have a certain magic that gets me every time and having them around makes everything a little sweeter and more lovely. I find myself placing little bunches of flowers in the kitchen, on bathroom counters, at my bedroom nightstand, in my little girl’s room, etc. Instant facelift for our countertops with minimal effort. So I’m sharing a few tricks and tips for making your own simple flower arrangements from grocery store flowers and every day wildflowers …

How to Make Simple DIY Flower Arrangements using grocery store flowers. Click through for a few easy tips and tricks! How to Make Simple DIY Flower Arrangements using grocery store flowers. Click through for a few easy tips and tricks!

How to Make Simple DIY Flower Arrangements:

  1. Choose your flowers. Head to the grocery store, a local florist or shop, a farmer’s market, or your very own backyard, and choose your flowers. I never really go in with a plan; instead pulling the flowers that really speak to me in the moment.
  2. Choose your vase. Lately, I’ve been really into mason jars (and these super handy mason jar flower lids!), but I’m also always on the hunt for cool milk bottles and crates, watering cans, and short, stubby vases. A single bud (or branch) in an oversized vase looks understated and elegant. You can also group vases together on a tray for such a pretty and unexpected flower arrangement. Basically, I’m all about pretty flower arrangements with minimal effort.
  3. Once you get your flowers home, snip the ends at about a 45 degree angle and put them into cold water and into your vases as soon as possible. I like to snip my stems fairly short because I have this thing with lower bunches of flowers, but not too short, because it’s a good idea to trim a bit from the stems each day or every other day to help the flowers stay alive a few extra days.
  4. To extend the life of my flowers I also remove any wilted petals or leaves and all of the leaves from the bottom of the stems that will be submerged in the water (those leaves tend to wilt quicker under water and contaminate and kill your flowers much faster.)
  5. Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!

How to Make Simple DIY Flower Arrangements using grocery store flowers. Click through for a few easy tips and tricks! How to Make Simple DIY Flower Arrangements using grocery store flowers. Click through for a few easy tips and tricks! How to Make Simple DIY Flower Arrangements using grocery store flowers. Click through for a few easy tips and tricks! How to Make Simple DIY Flower Arrangements using grocery store flowers. Click through for a few easy tips and tricks!

images: Flowers at Kinfolk Magazine Copenhagen dinner; Styling Nathalie Schwer; Photographer Line Thit Klein // Peaches and Mint // Junebug Weddings // Country Living // Style Me Pretty // Reading My Tea Leaves // Hochzeitswahn Sei inspiriert! // Babes in Boyland

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Wedding Fashion: Bohemian Tulle

I can’t stop swooning over this bride’s gorgeous handmade blue tulle wedding dress, her bridesmaids’ mis-matched tulle dresses, the stunning bohemian backdrop and details (like flower crowns, Turkish rug aisle runner, lush flowers everywhere), all of it.

DNA-Photography_Anja-Joshua_bohemian-tulle-blue-wedding-dress-bouquet DNA-Photography_Anja-Joshua_bohemian-tulle-wedding-dress DNA-Photography_Anja-Joshua_bohemian-wedding-aisle-rug DNA-Photography_Anja-Joshua_blue-tulle-wedding-dress DNA-Photography_Anja-Joshua_bohemian-tulle-bridesmaids-dresses-fashion DNA-Photography_Anja-Joshua_bohemian-tulle-wedding-fashion DNA-Photography_Anja-Joshua_bohemian-tulle-wedding-dress-and-bridesmaids-dresses-color blue-tulle-bohemian-wedding-dress DNA-Photography_Anja-Joshua_bohemian-wedding-flower-crown DNA-Photography_Anja-Joshua_blue-tulle-bohemian-wedding-dress-fashion DNA-Photography_Anja-Joshua_bohemian-wedding DNA-Photography_Anja-Joshua_beohemian-blue-tulle-wedding-dress

Pretty perfect, right?

Shop the Look:


via The Pretty Blog | Photographer: DNA Photographers | Wedding Dress: Alana van Heerden | Flowers: Anli Wahl | Hair & Make Up: Iza Cloete | Venue: Roodezand


Little Love Notes

gold jewelry flowers marble

Happy weekend, everyone! This week I’ve been back home, juggling my three work hats – mom, lawyer, and blogger – while hubby has been away on the last of his residency interviews. I am so tired. I hate to admit this, but I had no idea how heavily I rely on him for so many things. I nearly cried when I realized no one was going to make me a cup of coffee on Monday morning. Luckily, my knight in shining scrubs comes home on Saturday, and we have so much going on this weekend to make up for time lost. My BFF is adding a new sweet baby to our crew (Early congratulations, B!), my sissy is coming to town (#reunited), we have two really exciting photo shoots for the site on Sunday, and to top it all off, the Super Bowl on Sunday night. Any fun weekend plans? Will you be heading to a Super Bowl party? (Or throwing your own?)

And with that, a few little love notes …

Dear fellow coffee addicts (because you know it’s getting me through the week!), coffee marble … the prettiest take on coffee you ever did see.

Dear February, decorating my desktop with this Valentine background (that doubles as an adorable printable Valentine postcard.)

Dear inspired, this photographer spends his days capturing dancers in their natural element and it is incredibly beautiful.

Dear good reads, why foodies and food bloggers don’t talk about weight.

Dear everyone, the world’s coolest teacher choreographs a dance to to “Uptown Funk” and performs with his high school students.

Dear motivated, you have to check out Oh Joy!’s “The Art of Being a Goal-Getter” series.

Dear little black dress, a mini velvet version on sale at under $75; yes, please.

Dear last-minute party planners, Everything You Need for an Epic Super Bowl Party. Throw in our Nutella chocolate-covered strawberries for dessert and you’ve got a party!

Get the origins of these sweet little love notes, here.

Image via Paris in Four Months


30 Days of Beautiful

Ever since announcing my pregnancy, and really, probably long before that, I’ve had trouble slowing down. If anything, with baby on the way, I’ve sped up and added more and more to my “to do” list, trying to get as much done as possible before baby girl‘s highly anticipated arrival. So when Clarins reached out with their “30 Days of Beautiful” challenge, I knew it would be good for me. Basically, for 30 days, I’ll be taking a few minutes each day to focus on something that exemplifies beauty (and occasionally snapping a photo and sharing it on Instagram with the #30DaysofBeautiful hashtag) and trying out Clarins Double Serum. On both counts, it’s a good way to slow down and remind myself to take care of me, to see the beauty in everything and to just breathe.  (I’ve also heard amazing things about Clarins Double Serum, and so far, I’m hooked … full update coming soon.)

tulips-beautiful-inspiration-desk-blogger-leopard-disco-ball-mac-gold-stapler-glitterinc.com_-680x505 beautiful-inspiration-disco-ball-desk-blogger-glitterinc.com_-680x453 books-gold-diy-ikea-shelves-glitterinc.com_-680x453

I’m going to take time to enjoy what I do, I’m going to read more, I’ll buy flowers often, and relax when my body tells me it’s time (or at least I’ll try!)

tulips-beautiful-inspiration-gold-skull-desk-stripes-laduree-leopard-nails-glitterinc.com_-680x453 tulips-beautiful-inspiration-glitterinc.com_-680x492

Want to get in on the goodness?  Check out the Clarins Instagram sweepstakes (below) – Clarins is giving away a Double Serum everyday for the next month – and let me know that you’re up for the challenge!

Be sure to use the hashtag #30DaysofBeautiful in all of your Instagram posts so that everyone can follow along and get inspired!


Clarins combines two age-defying formulas into one ground breaking serum that firms skin, reduces wrinkles, evens skin tone and minimizes pores. 90% of women find it more effective that their current serum. Proven for all skin types, all ages, and all ethnicities.

Compensation was provided by Clarins USA. via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Clarins USA.


Little Love Notes


This week felt like a marathon, and though I’m glad we’ve hit the Friday finish line, we’re not quite done yet – I have kind of an enormous project that I’ve been working on, which will finally become a reality this Sunday.  So I’ll be hustling like a maniac today and tomorrow to get ready.  I absolutely cannot wait to share the results with you, by the way!  Other than that, week was busy busy busy, and I had my first pregnancy glucose tolerance test – not the most fun a girl can have, and I’m fearing the worst (a.k.a., the need for the dreaded three-hour test), but otherwise, baby girl is doing great, and kicking like a Ninja master.  How were your weeks?  Any fun weekend plans?

A few little love notes …

Dear go-getters, spend a few minutes this weekend reading Aeolidia’s most recent posts on hard work and small business success.  {Thanks to Zoo Rooney for the heads up!}

Dear BFF, 13 Socially Acceptable Ways You Act Only With your Best Friends.

Dear all white everything, this SoHo loft is everything.  {Plus, a few tips for adding glamorous white touches to your own home.}

Dear Spring-time edge, look to copy, stat.

Dear Sunday brunching, this apple and white pear sangria looks and sounds ah-mazing.  {12 weeks and counting.}

Dear Rue, you’ve got me styling up mini vignettes all over my house, a.k.a., my coffee table is a revolving door of gold stuff.

Dear bloggers, The B Bar is celebrating their one year anniversary and they are offering 10% off your order of $50+ with the discount code ONEYEAR at checkout.  Ahem, snatch up your Blogging and the Law e-book, written by yours truly, with this rare discount!  As a blogger, you are legally responsible for all of the content you publish, and now’s as good a time as any to sharpen your legal knowledge {things like using other artists’ photographs, protecting your own original content (think photos, graphics, etc.), disclosing gifted items according to the law, how to handle cases of plagiarism and defamation, and so much more.}

Dear Anthropologie lovers, while we’re on the topic of a great discount, Anthropologie is taking 20% off all sale items … dreaming of these jersey harem pants (under $20), this luxe chain link camera strap, this dotted linen napkin set, and this Peter Som floral iphone 5 case is a steal at $6.95 (less 20%!)

Image via Cheetah is the New Black // Photography by Michelle Drewes