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Little Love Notes

Dear Dove, bravo! (If you haven’t seen the three-minute video that Dove posted on YouTube, that teaches a vital lesson about how we view ourselves compared to how others see us, do it.  By the way, I love this quote from Dove on the making of the video: “Women are their own worst beauty critics,” Dove says. “Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful … we decided to conduct a compelling social experiment that explores how women view their own beauty in contrast to what others see.”)

Dear weekend, hello, I love you.

Dear perfect outdoor party, make me throw a dinner party, why don’t you!

Dear dreaded treadmill, I’m thinking of giving ballet a try again after reading about these five “real women” workouts. Anyone know of any (inexpensive) adult ballet studios in Miami?

Dear late twenties, you think someone could have warned me about all of the baby parties we’d be attending at this stage in life. I swear, first it was wedding after wedding, and now, all I do is buy baby shower and birthday gifts for friends. (Not that I’m complaining … okay, I’m complaining a little … but hey, at least there’s cake.)



Ballerina + The Beach

I swear even without much of a winter, all of the cold-weather inspiration online, on television, and in catalogs makes me long for Summer again … and I live in Miami (blocks from the ocean, i.e., I have no excuse … and yet, I remain pale and so very far from the beach.)  These pictures remind me why I should dip my toes in the sand every now and then.  Spotted on Honestly WTF, these photos are a series created by Australian bloggers Zanita and Margaret shot in Phuket, Thailand, featuring Margaret, a ballerina herself, and her incredible talent.  Dresses include beauties by Zimmerman, Stylestalker, and Morrison.



On Being a Klutz

I am a klutz.  That’s Yiddish for someone who is endlessly clumsy.  I have two left feet, and I’m right-handed.  I’m not sure why it’s so difficult for me to carry a cup of coffee, exit a car, walk forward, but I trip, I fall, I stumble, I spill (though I am surprisingly good at catching myself mid-stumble … thank you ballet … that I was not particularly good at … not that that should surprise anyone).  Mind you, this never ever stops me from drinking coffee, baking, planning, organizing, exercising, grabbing a quick bite to eat, talking on the phone, while simultaneously painting my nails … in heels, but the truth remains, I am a klutz.  Maybe it’s because I’m doing so many brilliant things at once.

Image here


Staying Confident: Grown-Up Ballet

*As part of the DailyBuzz Style Program, I received free Clear Tone Deodorant from Dove. However, my opinions are entirely my own.

Confidence … it may not be there when I’m stuck on a ballet bar, wondering, how did I once get down from this thing?  (True story.)  But when it comes to staying dry, especially in not-so-sexy sweat-prone places, confidence is everything.  It’s nearly summer, which means, naturally, that I’ve been kicking my exercise plan into overdrive.

Now for the story: last week I started ballet … again … after maybe a 14+ year lull.  I’m awful.  But I didn’t care.  Apparently, after 25, you grow this thing called confidence, and you only nominally care about what other girls think of you.  But staying dry, looking cute, and rocking an adorable bow headband while I work out, all help with that confidence as well.

And Dove Clear Tone Deodorant helps you feel fresh and dry; intense, sweaty, hour-and-a-half ballet class and all.

As a day-to-day deodorant, Dove Clear Tone goes on clean, doesn’t get all over your clothes, and keeps you protected.  It also smells great – kind of like a Cabbage Patch doll – which I know, sounds weird, but is kind of awesome.


Friday Link Love

I really just want a great big tent in my house — is that so much to ask?

The perfect dessert: peanut butter and jelly pie bars.

I have such a crush on this Ganni Peplum Ponte Tank. #prettyballerina

I must think of some reason to re-create this DIY metal cake bunting.  Love.

Such an inspiring workspace.

Need a sweet thank you?  Love this simple thanks: home-baked bread and jam.

And lastly: Neil, the Lion.



Bridesmaid Tutus + Tulle

I have an obsession with tulle and tutus.  It’s probably the repressed dancer in me (who actually isn’t very good at dancing at all.)  The point is, I stumbled upon this picture and fell instantly and hopelessly in love.  A backless tulle dress complete with tutu skirt and sky high nude pumps: yes, please!

I love the idea of bridesmaids all dressed in tulle – it’s so playful and yet still so fitting for a wedding party.

This BHLDN Allegro Dress is pretty close to perfect when it comes to tulle  bridesmaid dresses – the a-line cut is flattering on most shapes and the length, while above the knee, is not too above-the-knee.

Images: 1 // Image Design Created by Glitter Weddings