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A Home Dipped in Chevron

Oh yes, I’m that obsessed.  I thought my crush on chevron prints was a passing fad;  It’s geometric, and I never liked math much.  (Don’t I come up with the best justifications?)  But every time there is even a hint of chevron, I’m all over it like white on rice.  I actually think I’m starting to see chevron prints in the traffic patterns on my morning commute.  Help me, design gods.  I’ve come undone.

So drool with me, why don’t you?



Design With A New Mexico Twist

These images have me positively inspired.  I know I’m always going on about exposed beam and brick and that perfect rustic feel, so why stop now?  Southwestern decor in particular has that perfect earthen-meets-modern vibe, featuring cowhide, kilim, wrought iron, exposed wood and stone, and rich, colorful patterns.  What do you think?

Images found on Design for Mankind // via Inside


The Pattern Bible by Amy Atlas

Other than the tell-tale animal print, I have never been a master of identifying patterns.  I like interior design; in fact, the more design blogs I stumble across, the more I love interior design; but alas, without a background in designing, my skills involve a gut response along with an “oooh, pretty” reaction.  Embracing the collective confusion, the ever-talented Amy Atlas {of Sweet Designs} has created the most fantastic Pattern Board, complete with visual description and history. {Perfect for party planning!}

Would it be too weird if I laminated this bad boy and brought it along as a shopping companion?

*Look out for Amy’s next installment featuring floral patterns.