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The Wanderers

Steele Family tulle travel gypsy converse safari

With less than twelve weeks until baby girl’s arrival, I can’t help but dream about our little family and the adventures we’ll share together … those range from trips to the farmer’s market to a visit overlooking the Grand Canyon.  And this crazy cool family, featured on Spell Designs, has me dreaming in big ways.

Steele Family tulle travel gypsy girls Steele Family tulle travel gypsy Steele Family tulle travel gypsy safari girls Steele Family tulle travel gypsy safari Steele Family gypsy travel motorcycle dad and son Steele Family tulle travel gypsy converse Steele Family tulle travel gypsy kids Steele Family tulle travel gypsy kids converse

By the way, how cool are these kids?

Steele Family tulle travel gypsy black lace Steele Family tulle travel gypsy motorcycle black lace dress

See the full feature on Spell Designs.

Via Spell Designs // Photographer David Hauserman // Hair Wesley Mitton // Assistant: Pete Rogers // Family: The Steeles (Taylor / Sybil / Milla / Jaiden) // Style and Concept: Sheree Commerford, Captain and the Gypsy Kid


30 Days of Beautiful

Ever since announcing my pregnancy, and really, probably long before that, I’ve had trouble slowing down. If anything, with baby on the way, I’ve sped up and added more and more to my “to do” list, trying to get as much done as possible before baby girl‘s highly anticipated arrival. So when Clarins reached out with their “30 Days of Beautiful” challenge, I knew it would be good for me. Basically, for 30 days, I’ll be taking a few minutes each day to focus on something that exemplifies beauty (and occasionally snapping a photo and sharing it on Instagram with the #30DaysofBeautiful hashtag) and trying out Clarins Double Serum. On both counts, it’s a good way to slow down and remind myself to take care of me, to see the beauty in everything and to just breathe.  (I’ve also heard amazing things about Clarins Double Serum, and so far, I’m hooked … full update coming soon.)

tulips-beautiful-inspiration-desk-blogger-leopard-disco-ball-mac-gold-stapler-glitterinc.com_-680x505 beautiful-inspiration-disco-ball-desk-blogger-glitterinc.com_-680x453 books-gold-diy-ikea-shelves-glitterinc.com_-680x453

I’m going to take time to enjoy what I do, I’m going to read more, I’ll buy flowers often, and relax when my body tells me it’s time (or at least I’ll try!)

tulips-beautiful-inspiration-gold-skull-desk-stripes-laduree-leopard-nails-glitterinc.com_-680x453 tulips-beautiful-inspiration-glitterinc.com_-680x492

Want to get in on the goodness?  Check out the Clarins Instagram sweepstakes (below) – Clarins is giving away a Double Serum everyday for the next month – and let me know that you’re up for the challenge!

Be sure to use the hashtag #30DaysofBeautiful in all of your Instagram posts so that everyone can follow along and get inspired!


Clarins combines two age-defying formulas into one ground breaking serum that firms skin, reduces wrinkles, evens skin tone and minimizes pores. 90% of women find it more effective that their current serum. Proven for all skin types, all ages, and all ethnicities.

Compensation was provided by Clarins USA. via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Clarins USA.


Garden State {It’s Been 10 Years}


Yesterday I stumbled upon one of those posts full of gif’s titled, 14 Reasons You Still Love Garden State.  Of course, I still love Garden State.  But a bit of mild panic set in as I realized the post was in honor of Garden State‘s ten-year anniversary.  It has been ten years since we watched Zach Braff fumble through life returning home as a nouveau adult and not-so-successful actor; Natalie Portman, embracing her weird, sharing a song that would in fact, change your life, and carrying her own collapsible helmet (sans motorcycle).

Garden State made you think.  You probably bought the soundtrack, and listened to it on repeat.  Songs like “Don’t Panic” by Coldplay, “One of These Things First” by Nick Drake, “Such Great Heights” by Iron & Wine, and, of course, “New Slang” by The Shins, will forever take you back to that place in the film, and in your life, where you realized you were part of this generation of kids told we could have it all, but then of course, you struggle to pay rent.*  The struggle is built in.

I know I’m kind of rambling here, but, I mean … ten years.  I still feel like that kid every day.  I still want to be a writer, or a mermaid.  I want to get away from suburbia, live in the city, spend too much money on a cup of coffee and an obscene monthly electric bill, pay my absurd student loans and manage to return home a success.  I still hope I’m going to “figure it all out” – whatever that means.  And in a few months, hubby and I (who I still see as the boy who asked me out when I was sixteen years old) will have a baby girl.  One I very much hope will stand, wearing a garbage bag, on top of a painted train car, and scream with us at the top of her little lungs.

*Or for me, back then, my mom and dad paid my rent, and I still managed to be angsty …. ahhh, those were the days.


Carpe Diem, And Other Brilliant Advice from Fran Drescher

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to hear Fran Drescher speak (Sending a huge thanks to my Aunt Sheree for having me, and hosting such an incredible event!).  Not only is Fran Drescher incredibly funny and beautiful and passionate, but she’s unbelievably inspirational.  She spoke about the story of how The Nanny got its start, and I wanted to share a bit of her story here. Prior to getting her big break with The Nanny, Fran had done a few tryouts and pilots for CBS, but so far, nothing had stuck, and of course, as we all know, she wanted to be an actress.

fran drescher the nanny carpe diem seize the day opportunity inspiration quote _

“It wasn’t until I decided to take a vacation and visit a girlfriend who had a little house in the Southwest part of France, that really my life changed forever.  I cashed in some frequent flier miles; it was on TWA and they were running a special, so I had enough mileage to sit in first class.  I get onto the plane and who comes walking onto the plane but the President of CBS television, Jeff Sagansky.  Now I am a person who always believes in carpe diem.  Seize the day  …  I looked up at him and I said, “Jeff?”  and he said, “Fran?” because he knew who I was — I had done a few pilots for CBS and a very short-lived series with Twiggy, so he said “Fran” and I said “Jeff”, and then I ran into the bathroom to put some makeup onAnd as I’m powdering my face I’m saying ‘carpe diem’ ‘carpe diem”, you know, really, it’s an opportunity, which by the way, knocks on the door each and every day, but its only if we can recognize it and walk through it that we can make a difference in our lives and move in a direction that we want to move into.  So when I come out, he’s hanging around the stewardesses section … now the flight attendants … and we started talking.  He said, ‘Oh you know we have a lot of pilots, Fran, we’ll find you something,’ and I said, ‘Jeff, you know, I don’t think you’re going to find me anything that’s gonna fit me hand-in-glove because I’m too unique.  And you’ve gotta hear what my husband and I have been brainstorming, because we know my brand of comedy.’  Well, he was a captive audience because, you know, where was he going to go, Coach? … We didn’t have the idea yet, but I made Jeff think I had the idea.”

After a few days in France, Fran took a flight to London to visit her friend, Twiggy …

“And you know this was a very big milestone trip for me because I had never really done anything this major by myself.  i actually had a bit of a co-dependent personality, and i didn’t like to be alone, it turns out, after twelve years of psycho-therapy.  i was really pushing myself to do something like go over to Europe by myself …”

Fran later has her light bulb moment while babysitting Twiggy’s daughter in London; “So I started schlepping Carly, the proper little English twelve year old school girl all around, because although I had managed to get my ass over there, I still wasn’t comfortable in a major city all by myself.”  After a few humorous hours together, Fran realizes she gives the girl “parenting” advice by not really telling the little girl what’s good for her, but rather, what’s good for Fran, “self-serving advice” as she calls it.  She eventually pitched her idea as a spin on The Sound of Music, except, in Drescher’s words: “Instead of Julie Andrews, I come to the door!”, and with that, the concept for The Nanny was born.  She got her meeting with Jeff and development, and The Nanny went on to be one of the most popular series of the 90s.  And Fran always stuck to her guns; the show, written by Fran and her then husband, took much of its inspiration from Drescher’s personal life growing up in Queens, basing names and characteristics on her funniest relatives and friends.  The Nanny  was lovingly referred to as “the ’90s version of I Love Lucy.”

Inspiration - I went into the world, threw myself into the world, and great things came out of it. - Fran Drescher, The Nanny -

I went into the world, threw myself into the world, and great things came out of it.” – Fran Drescher

The moral of the story: seize the day, and don’t forget to powder your nose.


Fight Fat Talk


I want to take a minute, or five, to break from the holiday cheer (and addictive shopping) to ask a question: How often do you call yourself the “f” word?  And by that, I mean, how often do you fat shame yourself?  And why do we do that?  With all of these holiday parties and baking and photos and fashion and new year’s expectations, I think my “f” bombs are worse than ever.  I make jokes about being fat or chubby.  I’ve called myself a whale, a cow, a heffer, and I am none of the above.  I deride my cankles, my chubby knees, my hips, on a really bad day I’d swear my ears were fat.  Mostly, I am just crazy.  Clearly.

My husband and I talked about this horrible condition girls today have, and his take:  it’s a defense mechanism.  We diffuse the situation, by blurting out that we already know we look terrible, in our minds, clearing the air, and preventing anyone else from judging us harshly (though they wouldn’t; it’s us.  We’re too hard on ourselves.  Way too hard.)  Remember that scene in Pitch Perfect …

Chloe: What’s your name?
Fat Amy: Fat Amy.
Aubrey: You call yourself Fat Amy?
Fat Amy: Yeah, so twig bitches like you don’t do it behind my back.

Is that what we think?  That everyone is secretly judging us, and our only defense is to throw ourselves under the metaphorical bus?

Is it the images we’re inundated with?  There is no doubt about it:  Hollywood is getting thinner.  So much thinner.  Kim Kardashian was wrecked throughout her pregnancy because she was convinced that she was fat, and tabloids blew up her images and insisted she was fat, so mere months after giving birth, and much starvation that I can only imagine was involved, she’s in a bikini with a professional photographer to re-claim her thin-ness.  And Kim doesn’t weigh under 100 pounds like most of Hollywood.  Actresses are literally disappearing before our eyes.  Google Anne Hathaway, Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock, Kate Bosworth, Jennifer Aniston, Leann Rimes, Kate Hudson, ten years ago – they were all a healthy fifteen to twenty pounds heavier – and my guess is, they loathe those old photos.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore these actresses on the Silver Screen, and I can’t imagine the kind of pressure they’re under.  But is part of that pressure keeping with the new “thin” trend?  Are we, as women, making things so much harder on ourselves, by being more and more critical?

And is that why, when we should be feeling strong and confident and beautiful, we tear through our closets miserable at the choices, and proclaim ourselves “fat”?  And are we setting an awful example for our sisters and future daughters?  I pick at myself all of the time, and I watch my teenaged sister do the same.  Only she’s more critical, and it pains me to hear her scorn herself to no avail.

According to Special K‘s latest campaign, 93% of women engage in “fat talk”, calling themselves, or parts of themselves, fat.  Isn’t the way to breaking the cycle, by starting with ourselves?  Fat Talk is contagious – and it’s weighing women down. Special K has partnered with world-renowned supermodel and actress Tyra Banks to help shift the conversation to a more positive one. Visit to help SHHHHut down Fat Talk (#FightFatTalk).  And feel free to throw virtual water balloons at me the next time I complain about my thighs.

By the way, the statistics …

SpecialK_FightFatTalkInfographic_Final 12.5

Image via Park & Cube

This post is sponsored by Special K. Thank you so much for supporting the sponsors that make Glitter, Inc. possible!


Updates and Mimosas

advice have a little faith and if that doesn't work drink a lot of mimosas blair waldorf gossip girl _

Sometimes I’m not good at taking a deep breath and having a little faith.  I get nervous, and type-A and I want to plan and control every little thing.  Not only is it not healthy, but it’s usually pretty fruitless, especially when some things just are out of my hands.  I’ve been worrying myself sick over the launch of the new site.  But as I talked with blogging friends (I love you all!), and did a bit of research, I realized, the design and re-launch process is slow, and a whole lot of work.  And guess what?  I found a developer – who has it all under control.  And for the first time in weeks, I stepped back and decided to let it happen.  Well, the technical side of things, that is.  You can’t imagine how good it feels to just let go and trust.

And here’s the fun part, my new site, Glitter, Inc. (completely under construction as of now), the one I’ve gone on and on about for weeks, months, dare I say years, is finally happening.  We’re bringing this site up to date, and it’s going to be beautiful and shiny and new, and 100% reader-friendly.  I’m merging my two beloved blogs (Glitter & Pearls and Glitter Weddings) into one big beautiful interactive site, and you’re going to get it all.  In the meantime, I’m preparing in all the good ways, which brings me to a two-part question for you all …

Does anyone work with any companies that can offer some great giveaways?

Do you have a store or business with something you’d love to give-away?

I have a few fantastic giveaways already lined up – the kind I really really want to keep for myself, though I promise I won’t – but I thought I would open up the floor to you, my amazing readers, to see if there’s anything you would love for me to giveaway!

And thank you – love you all!

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