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Colorful Vintage-Inspired California Family Home

Partners in work and in life, Hannah Henderson and John Moore, own General Store, a Venice favorite, and a must-see classic modern California home (built in 1975) for their young family of four. Since moving in over a decade ago, the couple have made thoughtful updates to the home that highlight the space, while keeping the charm of the original house intact. Their aesthetic, similar to that of the General Store, is full of bohemian touches, colorful fabrics and textiles, livable features, stunning vintage finds (like wall hangings, baskets, flags, souk rugs, macrame, and carved wood hands), wildflowers, and plenty of natural light.

modern California family home - bohemian flowers colorful modern california family home - living room modern California family home - bohemian flowers candle wood modern California family home - bohemian living room modern California family home - blue bohemian living room modern California family home - bohemian books modern California family home - bohemian feathers modern California family home - bohemian rug and chairs modern California family home - bohemian bedroom macrame bedding modern California family home - bohemian flowers books modern California family home - bohemian artwork modern California family home - bohemian flowers desk modern California family home - bohemian bedroom modern California family home - bohemian jewelry hand modern California family home - bohemian - we are so good together modern California family home - bohemian gallery wall modern California family home - bohemian patio modern California family home - bohemian kitchen modern California family home - bohemian backyard patio

You can check out the full home tour on Jenni Kayne’s blog, Rip & Tan.



images via Rip & Tan

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Design Inspiration: Decorative Molding

After clicking through Zillow about a hundred or more times searching from house to house on our own house hunt, I’ve fallen in love with a few key layouts and design elements. Of course I want/dream of some room specifics like an open kitchen, an enclosed patio, and a huge bathtub, but certain smaller details keep catching my eye; namely, crown molding and decorative molding. I guess that’s how I know I’ve officially entered “grownup-hood” – I crush on things like crown molding. Now I recognize that too much decorative molding can leave your home looking like a giant Roman Palace (Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing. Gaudy? Maybe. Bad? Nah, never. I like my decor a little over-the-top.) Still, a touch of decorative molding across an unexpected place – like a ceiling or fireplace, can look utterly gorgeous. And painted over in a statement black or white – such a chic look.

crown molding white fireplace black chairs

via the design daredevil

white crown molding walls

photo by jonah podbereski


via a + b kasha


via Yatzer

french paris decorative crown molding living room

François Halard for Vogue via Domaine


via Frenchy Fancy

decorative crown molding white grey fireplace rug

via The Decorista (designed by Rob Stuart and photographed by Donna Dotan)

Are you a fan of decorative molding? Would you add the design element to your space or highlight it if it already exists in your current place?


Design Trend: Macramé

You may have noticed macramé everything popping up, well, everywhere. Mostly I can’t stop spotting macramé wall hangings. These crafted beauties have a bohemian vibe, feel homey and whimsical, and can really warm up a space. But have you ever considered macramé hanging planters, a macramé headboard, or a macramé door? One artist in particular, Sally England, who is clearly infinitely cool, just gets it, and designs the kind of macramé that you’ll most definitely want to hang everywhere.

CDB_Wall_Collage-Macrame-Hanging-Planters macrame wall hanging bohemian nursery macarame rope wall door hanging macrame wall hanging macrame wall hanging bedroom

Sadly, Sally only works on a per project/commission basis, so you may also want to check out places like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie (who both have a really chic curated selection) for readily available macramé pieces. I mean, how cool is that macramé hammock?

Shop them here:

Images via Sally England


DIY Gold Ikea Book Shelves

I’ll just come right and say it: this was one of those posts that has been sitting in my drafts for ages. Ages, I tell you. With our impending move and the apartment slowly making its way into boxes (with a lot of tears, sweat, and stubbed toes), I realized it was high time I share how we got our beloved gold book shelves (hint hint: we made them!) Now before you go and panic on me, because goodness knows I can relate (the term “DIY” brings on my stress-induced brow furrow), this DIY is way simpler than it seems, and half the battle, really, is putting together those darned Ikea VITTSJÖ shelving units (thanks, hubby!) Plus, at just $70 a piece, these VITTSJÖ units can be transformed into something truly lovely … and gold … wahoo!

Style Me Pretty Home Tour Behind the Blog - 8

It all starts with one of these units …


Then, decide whether you’re going to use gold spray paint and/or gold liquid gilding paint to cover your shelving unit. Also, note: before you start your painting, be sure to put down a piece of plastic dropcloth or lots and lots of newspaper.

Style Me Pretty Home Tour Behind the Blog - 3


spray paint* and/or gold liquid gilding paint**
foam brush (to fix any problem areas and smooth out drippy paint)
plastic dropcloth or newspaper
painter’s mask (if you’re sensitive to the smell of a whole lot of paint)

*If you plan to use spray paint, be sure to over-buy. Each unit needs at least two full cans to look fully coated.
**Having gone the spray painting route, I would probably try painting the unit in gold liquid gilding paint (in addition to the spray paint, because that liquid gold can get expensive) next time. Spray paint requires a large outdoor space (a.k.a., lots of grass and open air); no easy feat when you live on the fifth floor of an apartment building. Also, spray paint can get runny and messy, and I await the day I meet someone truly gifted at wielding the spray paint can (let’s just say my shelves have a few flaws that luckily, are easy to miss in photos.)


  1. Assemble the shelves according to the instructions. (Here’s where I like to bug my husband for help. I always wind up with missing screws and a lopsided shelf.) Be sure not to put the glass shelves on until after you have painted and the paint has completely dried, then simply lay them on each level of your painted metal shelves.
  2. If you are using spray paint, set the unit outside on a large plastic dropcloth and spray paint in two to three light coats, rotating around the unit as needed. If you plan to use gold liquid gilding paint, keep in mind this stuff is pricey and you may want to use it in combination with the spray paint. Whether you use it on its own or with the spray paint, be sure to have a few foam brushes handy to spread the paint on your shelf.
  3. Allow to dry completely before moving/using.

Style Me Pretty Home Tour Behind the Blog - Style Me Pretty Home Tour Behind the Blog - 61 Style Me Pretty Home Tour Behind the Blog - 60

Want details about the things you see in my living room? Be sure to check out our home feature for Style Me Pretty Living!


A Designer’s Gypsy Bohemian Seattle Apartment

Though this apartment has been circulating Pinterest for years, I couldn’t resist sharing my favorite corners once I finally stumbled upon the full home tour. Meet Brooke Baker, a Seattle-based designer + art director (who also happens to have a gorgeous Instagram feed). Her Seattle apartment oozes bohemian style, with gorgeous textiles, colors, and great uses of space.

seattle-bohemian-apartment-living-room-Maharaj_Photography Living-Room-bohemian-apartment

On her home design:

I saw my new place as a blank canvas and with that, I chose to create as many custom pieces as possible. I decided to use copper and raw wood as my main materials and used them when I could. I also wanted to surround myself with plant life. Having plants around you makes you happy and I swear by it. Stock up Seattle, winter is coming. My decorative style is inspired from many things, but mostly people and experiences. When I look around my apartment I’m constantly reminded of places I’ve been and the people I love. At the end of the day I find myself happy with my new home and proud of the things I was able to create.”

via Marissa Maharaj’s site

Living-Room-bohemian-eclectic-seattle-apartment-loft Living-Room-bohemian-seattle-apartment Desk-bohemian-seattle-apartmet bohemian-seattle-apartment---moroccan-wedding-blanket-rug-wall-hanging-bedroom Patio-bohemian-eclectic-seattle-apartment Patio---plants---bohemian-apartment Patio---bohemian-garden Patio---bohemian-gold-nails-stud-lion-art bohemian-seattle-apartment---garden---copper---Maharaj_Photography

Shop the Look:


By the way, if you’re totally crushing on all of Brooke’s gorgeous rugs and textiles (cue that gorgeous Moroccan wedding blanket-turned-wall-hanging over her bed), you won’t want to miss this post about vintage, berber, kilim, Persian and Turkish rugs in the kitchen and this one all about vintage berber rugs and where to find them.

See more on Marissa Maharaj’s site and on Need Supply Co.

images via Need Supply Co. // Designer: Brooke Baker // Photography by: Marissa Maharaj


10 Favorite Outdoor Dining Spaces

With Spring finally sprung, now is as good a time as any to take that lunch or dinner outside. And with a brand new (potential) house on the brain, I’m dreaming of beautiful outdoor spaces. These are a few of my favorites …

outdoor dining table cafe chairs flowers deck patio

The cafe chairs, the chunky wood slat farm table, the black and white graphic striped outdoor rug, the bougainvillea it’s all just right. (Rue Mag)


This patio could fit in just about anywhere, and the best part: the entire look is surprisingly affordable. (Smitten Studio)


I just love how this space keeps the dining feel so laid back and bohemian. (Pop Sugar)

outdoor dining space table cafe chairs pergola trellis vines pool

Because dining under a pergolla or trellis, instantly transports you to somewhere far, far away. (How to Decorate)

outdoor breezy dining table chairs curtains - jig-gallery-13

Well isn’t this outdoor dining room just dreamy? (Jigsaw Design)

h&m home outdoor patio deck dining space - black and white

I love how this space manages to look both casual and chic all at the same time. (Vogue Mexico)

picnic bench table outdoor dining space

Sometimes a picnic table and benches are just the right fit. (Cox & Cox)

outdoor dining table - fabric colorful tablecloth pillows - mexico - deck patio

Loving the fabric, pattern, and color-play going on here. (Vogue Mexico)

gathering from scratch - farm table - outdoor night dining dinner party

How romantic is this outdoor dinner party? I know it was styled for an event, but I’m thinking it could work year-round. (Local Milk)


Beachy cool; I love it. (Domaine Home)

Which outdoor dining space would you choose?