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A New Family’s Bohemian Eclectic California Home

Amber Interiors Living Room via Domaine

The incredibly talented Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors designed this gorgeous home for a young California family (their first baby was on the way when Amber stepped in), and the result is chic bohemian elegance mixed with comfort and ease for a little family (which I love!)

Colorful textiles tie each room in the house together, from kitchen to living room to bedroom to bathroom … so many great rugs, throws, and pillows. The mix of patterns and colors is just beautiful.

Amber Interiors Fireplace Domaine Mid-Century Modern Amber Interiors Rug Domaine Amber Interiors Kitchen Dining Room Nook Domaine

This kitchen has me dreaming of a dining nook all covered in pillows.

Amber Interiors Bedroom Rug Domaine Guest Amber Interiors Bedroom Rugs Bohemian Domaine Amber Interiors Living Space Domaine Amber Interiors Guest Bedroom Domaine Amber Interiors Living Room Rugs Jute Domaine Amber Interiors Bathroom Persian Rug Domaine Amber iNteriors Bathroom Amber Interiors Bathroom Mirror Domaine Amber Interiors Rug Bathroom Domaine

How gorgeous is that rug in the bathroom? I love the unexpected colorful Persian rug – rather than a traditional (read: boring) bath mat.

Amber Interiors Bohemian Nursery Baby Domaine Amber Interiors Bohemain Rug Nursery Baby Domaine Amber Interiors Bohemian Nursery Rug Print Domaine

And oh my goodness, can we talk about that nursery? This kid is destined for cool.

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Take the full home tour on Domaine.

Via Domaine // Photography: Tessa Neustadt // Designer: Amber Interiors


Design Files: Vintage Berber Rugs (a.k.a., boucherouite rugs)

Pinterest is a beautiful thing. I’m always amazed at the stunning things I find there. Take this berber rug, for instance; it’s perfect and awesome and needs to be in my living room. And because it’s Pinterest, that pin led me down the berber carpet rabbit hole, because … Pinterest.

Berber carpets (a.k.a., berber rugs, boucherouite rugs, Moroccan rag rugs, etc. in design-land) are vibrant rugs handmade by the women of the Berber tribe located in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Traditionally, rugs like this were made of wool and cotton and used in the maker’s own home. No two rugs are ever the same, which makes them extra unique.

The_apartment_boucherouite-rugs boucheroute rigs living room eclectic design boucherouite-rug-living-room


There are actually so many great boutique retailers of these rugs. I recently discovered stores like Beldi Rugs, Beklina, and Pink Rug Co. that all carry a great selection of very unique boucherouite rugs.

Then there’s Coco Carpets, a little side business from Caroline and Jayden Lee, otherwise known as Woodnote Photography (and Elephant Landing); gorgeous berber rugs at a pretty reasonable price (especially considering how pricey area rugs can get). Coco Carpets specializes in one-of-a-kind, vintage berber carpets, including boucherouite rugs.

coco-carpets-azilal-boucherouite-moroccan-rug-30_1024x1024 coco-carpets-azilal-boucherouite-moroccan-rug-51_1024x1024 coco-carpets-azilal-boucherouite-moroccan-rug-12_1024x1024 coco-carpets-azilal-boucherouite-moroccan-rug-41_1024x1024

Any favorites?

Images via The Apartment //ideat magazine // Nordic Design // Coco Carpets


7 Tips for Creating the Perfect White Bedroom

As Winter is fast-approaching, and on the coldest of days, especially during our crazy travel season through mostly cold cities, all I really want to do is climb into a fluffy bed and cuddle with my little family. I’ve started to crush in a major way on all of the hotel beds on our trips – you know the type, the big comfy white bed (like Westin’s heavenly bed): piles of white pillows, an extra-soft crisp white duvet, pressed white sheets, a cozy throw … it’s like living in a spa, without ever having to make the bed. And though once home, I will have to make the bed (you know, when company is over), I can’t get the fluffy white hotel bed look. The trick is, creating an all-white (or mostly-white) space that is warm and inviting, rather than antiseptic (designing a warm space with such a limited/clean palette can be challenging) … but I’m hoping these easy-to-follow tips will make the all-white styling much easier.

white bedroom fireplace

If you’re going to go for white, don’t be afraid to really go for it. Breezy white curtains will add to the ethereal feel of the room, and painting other wood elements in the room white (here, an older fireplace) looks modern and chic. (Hint: the dark floors work so well in this room against the other bright white elements, whereas white-washed wooden floors would look more natural, soft and add its own layer of depth to the room.) Everything from the ceiling to the floor is a place to add visual interest.

white bedroom via the line

Add texture. Now that Winter is on the way adding in furry blankets, throws and pillows is the perfect way to use natural element to add warmth to the all-white space. (And I love a bedroom that can transition from season to season!) Hint: You can also bring in a few accent pillows, different scented candles, and simple plants to fit the new seasons. Create texture, depth and layers with varying shades of white or ivory linens for visual interest (A textured duvet does double duty – adding both the crisp white element and built in texture). Use different materials like fur, sheepskin, seagrass (on the walls), branches in vases, wool and linen with a lot of texture, to create the perfect balance.

white bedroom dyed pillows

Don’t be afraid to throw in a pop of color. Here, black and charcoal shiburi pillows make the perfect (albeit still neutral) pop, but if hot pink is your thing, throw that in too. Pillows and throws and sweet desk accessories are a great way to sneak in that dose of color.

White Bedroom Idea via Monika-Hibbs-Tracey-Ayton-Photography

Add modern decor elements to the traditional white room. An on-trend Moroccan wedding blanket in cream or off-white or an open weave throw blanket will add texture and complexity to the space. Try a unique piece of wall art like this natural Juju hat. (Hint: An upholstered or tufted headboard like the one above will also help continue the plush bed feel.)


Pair neutrals and utilize a variety of similar shades. Grey is a white bedroom’s best friend. So are neutrals; think cream, ivory, beige, and any other whites that set off the bright white. A variety of “white” or “neutral” tones will help highlight the room’s various components and will further create dimension in the space. A lack of color means every element in your design should stand-out somehow, either through its texture, form, or use; An ivory throw on crisp white bedding, a cream sheepskin rug, or a mirrored or lacquered nightstand will still feel airy and light in the room while adding complexity and a modern feel to the design.

alex hayden white bedroom attic a frame eaves fireplace

Embrace rustic chic. An all-white bedroom can take real shape in a farmhouse style room; think, brushed light-washed wood, layers of white linens, a soft rug, a fireplace, and one or two statement vintage pieces.

white gold cream bedroom

Play with Metallic Accents. Choose from gold, chrome, bronze, and brass to add sparkle, shimmer, and glamour to your all-white bedroom. You can incorporate these metallic finishes through unique light fixtures, photo and art frames, and decorative accessories. Hint: The reflective surfaces of the metallic objects will actually help carry and distribute light and brighten the whole space.

Once your white elements are set, sprinkle in decorative accessories to add small dashes of color and interest. Picture frames, favorite books, vases with flowers and branches (another great textural element), mementos, artwork and photos will all feel right at home once you’ve struck the rest of the mostly white balance.

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Images via Gaelle Le Boulcaut for Lonny  // The Line //Elin Kickén via Domaine // Tracey Ayton Photography for Monika Hibbs // COCOCOZY, Dooby Brain // Alex Hayden // Schoner Wohnen


A Colorful Light-Filled Home in Madrid

Since it’s extra cold outside today, I thought I’d share a home full of warmth and color on the inside … set in sunny Madrid. Perfect. And this house is just that, unbelievably perfect.

colorful-light-filled-madrid-home---living-room colorful-light-filled-madrid-home---living-room-2 colorful-light-filled-madrid-home---living-room-3

This home has so many elements that I would incorporate into my own dream home design: floor-to-ceiling windows, rustic and modern touches, a great big dining room farm table, chandeliers, gorgeous wood floors, multiple fireplaces, stacks of books and magazines, mis-matched china and colorful pillows, carpets and throws.

Winter be darned, I’m heading to the market to scoop up bouquets of bright flowers, stat.

colorful-light-filled-madrid-home---dining-room colorful-light-filled-madrid-home---dining-room-chandelier colorful-light-filled-madrid-home---dining-room-2 colorful-light-filled-madrid-home---dining-room-chairs colorful-light-filled-madrid-home---chandelier colorful-light-filled-madrid-home---kitchen

Say hello to my new favorite dining room and kitchen.

colorful-light-filled-madrid-home---bedroom colorful-light-filled-madrid-home---nook colorful-light-filled-madrid-home---lights colorful-light-filled-madrid-home---office colorful-light-filled-madrid-home---patio colorful-light-filled-madrid-home---pool colorful-light-filled-madrid-home---patio-pool-backyard

Talk about a backyard. That deck is just gorgeous. Vacation couldn’t come soon enough.

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Via Planete Deco // Source: Mi casa


Gift Guide {The Foodie}

I am most definitely a foodie – I like to eat it, I like to cook it, I like to write about it; so this gift guide was an extra easy one to put together, I just rounded up the things I most want for my kitchen right now … cue the copper nesting bowls, fancy finishing salts, and that gorgeous slate serving board. (And be sure to visit  all of this year’s holiday gift guides for plenty of gifting inspiration!)

1. Sugar Paper Grey Recipe Binder: I love the idea of keeping recipes in a more classic pen-to-paper kind of way, and this recipe binder is both nostalgic and chic.

2. Gourmet Finishing Salt Collection: Gourmet finishing salts just sound fancy, don’t they? Such a perfect present-topper or stocking stuffer for your favorite foodie.

3. Tom Dixon Stone Spice Grinder: Now this is what I call a kitchen splurge – a luxe gold and marble spice grinder – so cool.

4. Hammered Copper Bowls: I recently acquired my first set of copper mixing bowls and I’m hooked. They are especially perfect for baking, and did you know, solid copper beating bowls will make your eggs lighter and fluffier when you whisk them in a copper bowl? #foodieheaven

5. Measuring Spoons Set: These were too darling not to share, and another great present-topper or stocking stuffer.

6. Hot Stuff Thermal Mug: I’ve had a crush on this coffee thermos for months. I mean really, coffee makes the world go round.

7. Lunares Silver Pint Ice Cream Holder & Scoop: Fancy ice cream container – love.

8. Delonghi Dedica Espresso Machine: Hubby and I have been dreaming about our very own espresso machine; it feels so grown-up (and we are big big coffee fans after all.) ’tis the season for splurging.

9. Prairie Natural Wood Picnic Basket: A great big picnic basket for Spring, a.k.a., the perfect get-through-Winter motivation.

10. Le Creuset Silicone Spatula Set with Crock: This set is the kind of set everyone who lives in their kitchen will love: practical, sleek, and durable.

11. Slate Serving Board: Oh how I love this slate serving board, plus it can be customized with a monogram, making it a very fabulous gift indeed.

12. Casablanca Small Tidbit Dishes: Adorable multi-purpose dishes in Moroccan patterns? Perfect.

This year, I’ll also continuously be adding to my holiday Gift Guides on Pinterest, so be sure to check out the GIFT GUIDE: FOODIE board for more great inspiration!


Moody Black and White Danish Home


How beautiful is this home?  The couple, who originally hailed from New York, set out to design a stunning modern home in Amager (a Danish Island), and they did just that.  The black floors and grey and deep purple accents maintain a moody color palate while balancing out the crisp white walls and ornately designed white ceiling.

Danish-Home-Black-White---dining-room---black-floors Danish-Home-Black-White---modern---black-floors

Though I may never convince hubby to swing for a purple velvet sofa, this is one pretty awesome example of how it can totally work.

Danish Home Black White - purple sofa sectional Danish-Home-Black-White---purple-sofa

The mix between modern and rustic touches is absolutely perfect here.

Danish-Home-Black-White---kitchen-counter Danish-Home-Black-White---bed Danish-Home-Black-White---cabinet Danish-Home-Black-White---bathroom

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Via Femina // Photography: Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer