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I’m Headed to NYFW!  Like breathing-in-and-out-of-a-paper-bag-while-I-frantically-pack-and-unpack excited.  My clothes are everywhere (but I swear I have a packing list!), my carry-on bag currently sits empty (here’s what I’ll fill it with!), I have a minimum of six electronic devices plugged and charging all over my house and I pray that I remember to pack at least half of them by morning.  Follow me on Instagram (@glitterinclexi), Twitter, and Facebook all week as I attempt to bust into the fashion scene with my grandma-bag full of snacks, tissues, and make-up cabinet.  I’ll be the girl in tights and a sweater … in New York … in September.  Hotness.  Literally.  New York Fashion Week, LuckyFabb, Glam Media, RewardStyle, and of course … Rachel Zoe and Lauren Conrad (who I will babble to incessantly when I stumble before them in teetering heels), here I come!

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Color Crave: Coral

Coral is having a bit of a moment for me.  Probably with summer coming to an end (crazy, right?) and my general allegiance to black and grey, I’m jumping on the bus just a little late with my summer color swoon, but I’m always late to the party, so go figure.

Alas, a few sweet accessories to tide me over …

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Black + Gold Interior Design

I am obsessed with black and gold, whether it’s in home and design, fashion, a great pair of shoes, glitzy kitchen wares, you name it, I want it.  And though, in truth, I know a home full of black and gold is probably a bit too dark for my taste, these shots of black and gold interiors have me scrambling to think of an area in our house that I can re-do (trust me, this is nothing new!)  Poor husband.



Nude + Black Color-Block Sandals

Those gorgeous nude and back color-block sandals are by Giuseppe Zanotti and I have wanted them for months.  I love a black heel because it goes with everything (at least in my wardrobe where everything is, well, black), but the nude front elongates the leg and is the perfect compromise.  But alas, I am on a budget (and Giuseppe Zanotti is not).  And then I stumble upon the most perfect Vince Camuto sandals at Nordstrom Rack (oh thank you. Nordstrom Rack!), and they are a dead ringer to the Giuseppe Zanotti’s that have been bookmarked for-like-ever (in shoe-craving-time.)

The Vince Camuto‘s are so similar I could cry.  This in no way has hindered my deep-seated desire to own and love a pair (or ten) of Giuseppe Zanotti’s, but I may just get by this once with an affordable alternative.

Real: Giuseppe Zanotti // Deal: Vince Camuto

First Image via The Chriselle Factor