What’s On Your Fall Bucket List? (Here’s Mine)

And just like that, today marks the first day of fall. It’s the season of apple cider, pumpkin patches, hayrides, and cozying up by the fire, and I couldn’t be more excited. So I’m pulling out my notepad, or in this case, blog post, and making a fall “to do” list.

What's On Your Fall Bucket List? (Here's Mine)


  • Go to a Pumpkin Patch and buy enough great big pumpkins to line our brand new front porch steps. (Here’s last year’s visit.)
  • Go to our first apple orchard. (Check!)
  • Plan a picnic where we actually pack a yummy lunch, in a basket, and go somewhere beautiful.
  • Transition our home for the season. I’m breaking out the blankets, pinecones, scented candles (I’ve heard this scent is incredible!), and fall décor.
  • Go all out for Halloween this year.
  • Plan a movie-viewing party in our backyard. I’ve always wanted to do this, complete with a drop-down screen (i.e., a white sheet hung over our back deck) and I’m determined to try to make it happen this fall.
  • Find the perfect shade of vampy lipstick.
  • Serve spiked cider at a party. Always a huge hit.
  • Go for a walk with the family along the trail by our house and pick our favorite fall leaves to decorate our dining room table.
  • Learn to bake a few recipes I’ve had on my must-try list. (Plus, ALL of the pumpkin everything.)
  • Take a trip to the Farmers Market to check out all of the new things they have to offer for fall.
  • Get creatives with pumpkins. There are so many awesome pumpkin DIY’s out there and I’m definitely going to try out a few this season. (Remember these glitter-dipped pumpkins?)
  • Go through our closets and finally donate clothes hubby and I haven’t worn in more than a couple of years.
  • Plan a fall dinner party.
  • Take a staycation somewhere local, complete with hotel or Bed & Breakfast stay so that we really feel like we’re getting away.
  • Use our fireplace for the first time. (And toast marshmallows, naturally.)

What's On Your Fall Bucket List? (Here's Mine) What's On Your Fall Bucket List? (Here's Mine)

What’s on your fall bucket list? Do you have any “must do” activities in the fall?

What's On Your Fall Bucket List? (Here's Mine)



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  1. rachel moore

    this is my favorite time of year (alongside christmas) so i am so happy to find this list. i love pumpkin patches and finding new ways to bake apples with my kids. loving your picnic idea. i’ll have to get on this.
    rachel http://www.pinterestingplans.com

  2. Wesley Day

    I can totally relate to all of these! I’ve always wanted to find a good apple orchard, so maybe I’ll make it happen this year! Love all of your ideas.


    Wesley Day | haveawesleyday.com

  3. Kristina

    Your bucket list is on point and I’m posting mine tomorrow! I agree with the apple orchard and the dark lipstick (and I’ll add wearing ALL the fall nail colors). Have a great day!

    xo, Kristina
    Medicine & Manicures

  4. Shelby Back

    This is the perfect fall bucket list! I love it! I have been meaning to put one together myself!


  5. Lauren

    I’m looking forward to doing so many of these things too! We have an apple orchard visit on our agenda and I would love to have a staycation with my family!

    Fizz and Frosting

  6. Maggie

    Love this list!! So many of these are on my list too, such as spiked cider and farmer’s market trips 🙂


  7. Love this bucket list! I can’t wait to see which ones you complete!

  8. Mandy

    This is my favourite time of year! Your list is so cute – I hope you finish everything on it!

  9. Love your fall list! I’ve been wainting to do a movie viewing party outside too!! I’m picturing cozy blankets and warm drinks!

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