How to Get Perfect Date-Night Eyebrows (the Easy Way!)

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Though date night doesn’t happen all that often for us nowadays, I still relish in getting dressed up and going out for the night with my hubby. But let’s face it, I am a busy mom. One of the saddest truths about being a mom is how much we neglect ourselves. As moms, we matter. We juggle it all, and our families need us. They really need us. But we neglect that very person, and truth is, it starts to show. I can’t remember the last time I had a proper haircut or a pedicure. I only go to doctor’s visits with plenty of not-so-subtle prodding from my own mom. The gym? Ha. What’s that? But with a little spoiling from European Wax Center®, and some gentle encouragement from my own husband – who really does want me to get out and enjoy myself a little – I strutted to date night feeling sexy and confident. I kid you not.

A gorgeous pair of eyebrows can transform your face, play up your eyes, and give you a clean, fresh face. My mom always taught me that eyebrows frame the face, and Mama most definitely knows best. Today’s beauty trends are all about a bold, flawless eyebrow, and let me tell you, a bold pair of eyebrows will have you date-night ready with minimal effort. I’ve never been a beauty whiz when it comes to my eyebrows, so it’s nice to let European Wax Center® do the hard work.

How I Get Perfect Date Night Eyebrows (the Easy Way!)

First stop: European Wax Center®, obviously.

Once the experts at European Wax Center® shaped my brows (seriously, wow), European Wax Center®’s Browfection™ was my ticket for those movie star date-night eyebrows, and I’m obsessed.

How to Get Perfect Date Night Eyebrows (the Easy Way!) - European Wax Center Browfection

The collection includes the Browfection Brow Liner and Shaper, the Browfection Brow Powder Duo, the Brow Pals Dual-Ended Brow Brush, Sucha Tweeze Slant Tweezer, Oh My Brow! Brow Highlighter, and Ready. Set. Brow! Perfect Brow Groomer.

How to Get Perfect Date Night Eyebrows (the Easy Way!)

Using the Brow Pals Dual-Ended Brow Brush and the Browfection Brow Powder Duo, I gave my eyebrows a quick brush and a little oomph by filling in a touch of dark color to really fill in my brows, and then I used a swipe of the Ready. Set. Brow! Perfect Brow Groomer to keep them in place. (Anyone else have the kind of eyebrows that never, ever want to stay in place? This stuff helped me save the day.) Trust me, achieving browfection has always seemed really intimidating to me, but once European Wax Center® shaped my eyebrows, and with the right tools in hand, I simply did a quick brush and tiny dab of color at home, and they looked incredible

How to Get Perfect Date Night Eyebrows (the Easy Way!)

Then it’s a bit of foundation, powder, a pop of eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and a fun orange-red lipstick, hair in a bun, because let’s face it, blowing my hair out was just a little too much work, and we were out the door.

*By the way, please excuse my princess bandaid. Occupational hazard.

And if you’re a European Wax Center® fan, they have great news. They’ve just come out with Strut 365 ™ portfolio (a collection of skin care, bath & body and brow care products), giving us the chance to continue the in-center experience, every day, through 3 new collections: Strut Smoothly, Strut Lavishly, and Strut Boldly. Whether you’re searching for something to maintain gorgeous skin in between waxes, something to bring out your skin’s natural radiance, or something to achieve daily Browfection™ with, there is something in it for everyone, every day, in every collection.

Their skincare products are also impressive. The EXCLUSIVE Comfort Blend™, featured in eight products, is designed to help replenish the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Infused with the highest grade Roman chamomile, aloe vera, vitamin E, English cucumber and Mediterranean sea kelp, this nourishes and restores to reveal your most beautiful skin. EWC’s hair growth inhibitor (Narcissus Tazetta Bulb Extract), featured in ten products, helps visibly slow hair regrowth between waxes and promotes hair to grow finer and softer than before. The bulb of this flowering plant has been shown to significantly reduce the length of the hair shaft while inducing the hair into the catagen stage of the hair cycle at which time the hair stops growing and gets ready to shed. How genius is that?

And, drumroll … Did you know, when you go to to European Wax Center® for the first time, your first brow, underarm or bikini line wax is always complimentary? Basically, if you’ve been dreaming about getting your eyebrows in tip-top shape, now’s the time to go for it!

You can shop the products at a European Wax Center® near you!

This post is sponsored by European Wax Center®, but all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own. Thank you so much for supporting the sponsors that make Glitter, Inc. possible!


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