The Busy Girl’s Guide to Guilt-Free Snacking

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I have a confession to make: I am a snack-a-holic. And working from home: the struggle is real. I find myself snacking constantly, and by the end of the day, I’m embarrassed to even admit how much I’ve munched on. Snacking is a total guilty pleasure, and though I’ve tried to stick to five small meals a day, the truth is, I’d rather graze. But with the new year, came new resolutions; not necessarily to diet, or anything extreme, just to eat smart, and enjoy the really good stuff. I’ve realized it’s okay to indulge and snack – because that’s just my guilty pleasure. Plus, I’m always busy, and eating small, satisfying snacks fits into my hectic schedule. But guess what? I’m making it guilt-free! How’s that for awesome snacking?

The Busy Girl's Guide to Healthy Snacking on the Go

So I’m rounding up my favorite guilt-free snack indulgences, and introducing you to one you may not have been introduced to just yet; you’re going to love them all. Snack happy!

The Busy Girl's Guide to Healthy Guilt-Free Snacking (for snackaholics!)

Vegetables and hummus: Scarlett is obsessed with hummus, so she’s really gotten me back into it. Hummus is creamy, delicious, filling, and oh so good for you, and you can dip as many veggies as your heart desires.

thinkThin® High Protein Bites and Grapes: thinkThin® High Protein Bites pack a serious punch of protein (and come in bars too), letting you snack smart and feel great. These unwrapped bite-sized versions of your favorite thinkThin® bars are perfect to eat at home, at work and on the go – anytime, anywhere you need an energy-boosting snack or to satisfy a sweet craving.

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Slice of Cheese with Seeded Crackers and Grape Tomatoes: I’m a huge fan of cheese, but everything in moderation; so I dole out a serving size and munch on it along with healthier crackers and tomatoes.

Apple and Almond Butter (or Peanut Butter): Between Scarlett and I, we go through about a jar of almond butter at least every other week. Apples dipped in almond butter are just so good.

How to Snack Healthy - for the Busy Girl on-the-go

These are just a few yummy snack ideas that are letting me indulge smart.

Do you have any favorite go-to snacks?

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  1. Jennifer

    Great Ideas! I always struggle to find healthy snacks to take to the office with me!

  2. Denise S

    I am a grazer too! great ideas

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