Decorating With Hanging Globe Lights Indoors

It’s cold outside and there’s basically no talking me down from covering the house in holiday decorations. In deference to the fact that the official holidays don’t technically start for another two-and-a-half months, I’m looking for more subtle décor. First up on my home decorating list: outdoor hanging bulb lights; a.k.a., globe lights or string lights, brought indoors. Similar to Christmas lights, with a little more style and a lot more romance (for some reason outdoor hanging globe lights have always reminded me of a café in Paris), these strings of bulb lights are just the ticket. These hanging bulb lights are also most commonly seen outside – on patios, strung between trees, at weddings and on cozy patios and terraces – so bringing them indoors is unexpected and adds a really great level of texture and dimension to your air space.

How to Decorate Indoors with Hanging Globe String Lights How-to-Decorate-with-Hanging-Globe-String-Lights-Indoors Indoor-Kitchen-Dining-room-Rustic-Branch-Chandelier-Hanging-Globe-String-Lights

How to Style Hanging Globe Lights:

Strung over dining room tables, in living rooms, above bedroom headboards, framing an entryway, or draped through a ladder, the little pops of light are surprisingly modern and chic.

I’m also a big fan of all of the color options – black globe lights really pop in a black and white space, green strung globe lights are the classic outdoor look (blending in with trees, grass, etc., to become nearly invisible except for the twinkling lights), and the more contemporary white hanging globe lights that work oh-so-well indoors, especially against white walls.

I even spotted DIY twine globe lights; Design Sponge dressed up a simple strand of string lights by wrapping the cord with standard twine that puts a more rustic, natural spin on the little lights.


Would you hang globe string lights in your home?

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    such beautiful inspos! I could definitely see myself doing this for some cozy lighting this winter!

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