My Messy Baby and the Quest for Perfect Guacamole

Since moving to the south, I’ve made it my mission to try all of the Mexican food. Seriously, all of it. The Mexican food here in North Carolina is off-the-charts good. I think it’s the chips and guacamole that really steal my heart. I should probably invest in avocado stock. In fact, Scarlett’s first food was avocado. And naturally, as my daughter, she loved it. Because avocado is packed with nutrition (and a few extra calories for our skinny minny), and because her mama just can’t get enough, you can imagine, we eat avocado and guacamole often. Which means, we have a whole lot of pasty green avocado mess to clean up. Hipster stains; what are you gonna do?

Save the day with Shout® Wipes, that’s what. Shout® has been a household staple for us for years! From the Shout® Trigger Triple-Acting Stain Remover spray to the convenient on-the-go Shout® Wipes, Shout® products are lifesavers when it comes to cleaning up after having messy fun with our little family. And hey, a messy kid is a happy kid.

By the way, the family consensus here on guacamole in the Research Triangle so far (that’s Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill): Gonza Tacos y Tequila (for a crazy cool ambience with great food) and Tonali (for unbelievably yummy slightly more upscale Mexican.)

Next on our list to try: Dos Taquitos, Nano Taco, and The Raleigh Times Bar (rumor has it they make a great guac.)

As a mama to a messy one-year old, Shout® Wipes have come through for us again and again. It never seems to fail that the day I wear white, or the day I plan to take adorable family photos, Scarlett gives me one big green hug or she uses her lace shirt as a paper towel. (And you know the back-up baby outfit is never as cute as the one you planned.) Shout® Wipes are tiny and portable and can be used to remove on-the-go stains. They’re perfect for clothing, carpet and auto interiors, and are safe for all colorfast washables. They are also small enough to keep in a side pocket of a purse or diaper bag – – we keep a handful in each.

With every generation there seems to be a new “it” stain (who didn’t cover their dinner in ketchup as kid?), but Shout® has proven to help parents effectively remove any and all types of stains that come their way, even with today’s modern day messes. Oh-so convenient on-the-go Shout® Wipes are lifesavers when it comes to cleaning up after having messy fun with my little family.

How about you? If you’re a parent, do you have any must-have lifesavers in your diaper bag? Have you hopped on board the Shout® Wipes train?

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  1. Holly Royce

    Having been born in L.A. I was fed a lot of avocado. Made with chopped egg, sometimes mushrooms then when older chopped onion.
    Not knowing my birth father, when I searched for him later in life I found he had been living in Fallbrook, Ca. The avocado capital of the world.

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