Is There A Talent You Secretly Wish You Had?

A few weeks ago I posted this video of Scarlett blowing raspberries (it was actually a raspberry marathon – straight through brunch), and my Aunt pointed out that Scar was surely a singer just like my Bubby. Both my Aunt and Bubby sing like songbirds. I on the other hand was born singing … out of tune. It’s bad.


I love music, but when some unsuspecting poor souls asks me something like, “Hey, how did that so-and-so song go?” and I respond in my best acappella: glass shatters, and naturally, my poor listener has absolutely no idea what song I am in fact singing. I swear, in my head, it sounded SO good. Which brings me back to Scarlett. Sweet, baby girl. I can only hope that she has a perfect singing voice. Heck, I’ll settle for not-tone-deaf, but that may be wishful thinking. Even when I read my Aunt’s Facebook comment, I experienced a moment of temporary stage mom pride, just dreaming of my little American Idol (and trust me, I am not one of those moms; I’m just happy when she doesn’t eat a sticker off the floor.)

Maybe it’s the whole singing dream thing. That’s the talent I would have liked. Because, truth time: I secretly wish I could sing. But let’s face it, I also fancy myself as a dancer when watching So You Think You Can Dance (tell me you all watch that show? It is awesome.) And trust me, my not-so-skilled dancing days ended in high school. But at least I danced. Singing … well, no one wants that.

Luckily, I have a built in super fan. Scarlett thinks my singing and dancing skills are spectacular. Let’s hope that lasts.

So tell me: is there a talent you secretly wish you had? Let me know below and let’s commiserate together! ⬇

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  1. Rachel

    That’s actually mine too! I cannot for the life of me sing (but I enjoy karaoke), so I’ve always wished I could

    • Lexi

      I wouldn’t even dare karaoke. I’m THAT awful. ha.

  2. Alyssa

    I was about to say the same thing! I can absolutely carry no tune and I always wish I could at least sing Happy Birthday without being embarrassed.

    Alyssa | Glitter and Grey

    • Lexi

      Oh my goodness, I can totally relate! 😉

  3. Holly Royce

    I would love to sing as well but dancing is my thing!
    I will dance to the sound of the phone ringing…
    I’ll bet Scar will be a good dancer!

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