Fairytale Shoot: The Mermaid

Of my siblings and I (there are four of us in total), I’m the quiet one, by a long shot. My brothers are both totally confident, and my sister, well, she’s just a rockstar. And lucky for me, my sister, Rowan, brings it out of me. Long story short, my sister and I were talking to this gorgeous stylist at the Paul Mitchell salon in Miami a few weeks ago when we were getting our hair dyed sombré. This stylist, Whitney, had the most gorgeous white blonde hair and my sister and I could not stop gushing over her. After talking way too much, we found out that Whitney actually loved mermaids and owned a mermaid tail. I mean, how cool is that? It was seriously all of my childhood fantasies come true, because really, who didn’t want to be a mermaid? (Still do.) Well, we’re taking it one awesome step further, because Whitney is sharing an exclusive look at her mermaid photoshoot.


Get to know Whitney:

Hi, my name is Mermaid Whitney. I’m originally from the central coast of California but I’m now living in Miami, Florida. I attend Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School, enjoy the beach and being a mermaid. Ever since I was a little girl I loved mermaids and doing hair and makeup. Today I get to live out both of my childhood dreams. I have a 20 pound silicone neoprene mermaid tail that is totally swimmable and functional!

The photo shoot pics were taken back home at Avila Beach, California by my friend/photographer Hannah Littier. The video was filmed at a private beach in West Palm Beach, Florida by my cousin, videographer Brandon Nelson. I love being able to swim in the open ocean in my tail. For me, there’s no better feeling in the world.

Mermaid-Whitney-in-a-neoprene-blue-tail---beach-shoot---glitterinc.com Mermaid-Whitney---beach---neoprene-tail---glitterinc.com Mermaid---beach-shoot-2--neoprene-tail---glitterinc.com Mermaid-Beach-Shoot---neoprene-tail---glitterinc.com Mermaid-Beach-Shoot---blue-neoprene-tail---glitterinc.com Mermaid-Photo-Shoot---neoprene-tail---glitterinc.com Mermaid-Whitney---neoprene-blue-tail---beach---glitterinc.com Mermaid-Photo-Shoot---neoprene-tail-2---glitterinc.com

How cute is Whitney? And the underwater photos are extra amazing …

Mermaid-Under-Water-Photo-Shoot---neoprene-tail---glitterinc.com Mermaid-Under-Water-Photo-Shoot-in-a-Neoprene-Tail---glitterinc.com Underwater-Mermaid-Photo-Shoot---neoprene-tail---glitterinc.com Mermaid-Underwater-Photo-Shoot---swimming---glitterinc.com

Yeah, so cool. Definitely still want to be a mermaid.

You can follow Whitney on Instagram @mermaidwhitty and @the_mer_stylist.

Photography: Hannah Littier // Videographer: Brandon Nelson



  1. Leah Yablong

    Wow! Gorgeous!!!!

  2. Natalie

    This is AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, MYSTICAL, WONDERFUL, MAJESTIC & MAGICAL- I absolutely love it. Mermaid power!

  3. g'Ma

    This is totally the most outrageous and awesome thing I have seen in a long time!
    The mermaid is beautiful and so are you for posting this fantasy for everyone to share 🙂

  4. Holly Royce

    this is a fantasy come true…. but not for me…
    I’m way too claustrophobic to ever get into a tail llike that.
    I appreciate Whitney’s beauty in it though….

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