The Newest Kind of Matchmaking

I’ve been with my husband since high school. And with the exception of a few years apart towards the end of college, it was always Mike and Lexi (read more on why I fall in love again every day). So I took to matchmaking. Mike and I are always trying to set up friends. Mike works in a hospital chock full of great people and I have some of the most amazing friends (some married, some single), and let me tell you, dating gets harder and harder outside of school. Mike and I got lucky – we met so young. In high school and college, meeting someone was a bit easier – you were put together with like-minded people in class after class. But dating, from what I’m told (and have seen), gets infinitely tougher in “the real world.” What’s a matchmaker to do?


Well, all of my meddling, matchmaking dreams have just been realized. Meet Spark Starter: The easy, fun way to play matchmaker for your friends. Spark Starter is a Facebook app that uses select information of users to build their profile and then matches them up with similar single people, all connected through friends. For every potential match, users actually get a compatibility percentage – a measure of how well two users match up. The score takes into account information such as relationship status, orientation, location, age, number of mutual friends, and Facebook activity such as Facebook Likes. You then up or down other users and Spark Starter makes the connection. My favorite part: You can look for yourself or play matchmaker for a friend. That’s what makes SparkStarter unique. Matchmakers of the world, rejoice!

And before you worry that the app may put your dating hunt on prime time, SparkStarter doesn’t post any information to your news feed without specific permission.

Anyone want me to set them up?

You can get all of the Spark Starter FAQ’s here and watch the full tutorial video here.

This post is sponsored by Spark Starter; thank you so much for supporting the sponsors that make Glitter, Inc. possible.



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