Design Trend: Macramé

You may have noticed macramé everything popping up, well, everywhere. Mostly I can’t stop spotting macramé wall hangings. These crafted beauties have a bohemian vibe, feel homey and whimsical, and can really warm up a space. But have you ever considered macramé hanging planters, a macramé headboard, or a macramé door? One artist in particular, Sally England, who is clearly infinitely cool, just gets it, and designs the kind of macramé that you’ll most definitely want to hang everywhere.

CDB_Wall_Collage-Macrame-Hanging-Planters macrame wall hanging bohemian nursery macarame rope wall door hanging macrame wall hanging macrame wall hanging bedroom

Sadly, Sally only works on a per project/commission basis, so you may also want to check out places like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie (who both have a really chic curated selection) for readily available macramé pieces. I mean, how cool is that macramé hammock?

Shop them here:

Images via Sally England



  1. Sahra

    love it! definitely feeling some macrame plant holders!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  2. Melanie

    I love these designs! My husband is a macrame jewelry artist, and I love the crazy detail in the designs he makes. But when I see pieces like these, I wonder what would happen if he used his macrame expertise to make larger pieces for the home. Maybe someday he will give it a go! By the way, we both love Sally England’s work. So, so gorgeous!
    Melanie of Rumi Sumaq

    • Lexi

      Your jewelry is beautiful!

  3. Emily

    I’ve literally been so obsessed with macrame lately! Love this post.

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