10 Favorite Outdoor Dining Spaces

With Spring finally sprung, now is as good a time as any to take that lunch or dinner outside. And with a brand new (potential) house on the brain, I’m dreaming of beautiful outdoor spaces. These are a few of my favorites …

outdoor dining table cafe chairs flowers deck patio

The cafe chairs, the chunky wood slat farm table, the black and white graphic striped outdoor rug, the bougainvillea it’s all just right. (Rue Mag)


This patio could fit in just about anywhere, and the best part: the entire look is surprisingly affordable. (Smitten Studio)


I just love how this space keeps the dining feel so laid back and bohemian. (Pop Sugar)

outdoor dining space table cafe chairs pergola trellis vines pool

Because dining under a pergolla or trellis, instantly transports you to somewhere far, far away. (How to Decorate)

outdoor breezy dining table chairs curtains - jig-gallery-13

Well isn’t this outdoor dining room just dreamy? (Jigsaw Design)

h&m home outdoor patio deck dining space - black and white

I love how this space manages to look both casual and chic all at the same time. (Vogue Mexico)

picnic bench table outdoor dining space

Sometimes a picnic table and benches are just the right fit. (Cox & Cox)

outdoor dining table - fabric colorful tablecloth pillows - mexico - deck patio

Loving the fabric, pattern, and color-play going on here. (Vogue Mexico)

gathering from scratch - farm table - outdoor night dining dinner party

How romantic is this outdoor dinner party? I know it was styled for an event, but I’m thinking it could work year-round. (Local Milk)


Beachy cool; I love it. (Domaine Home)

Which outdoor dining space would you choose?

Here are my 10 favorite outdoor dining spaces and design ideas. | glitterinc.com | @glitterinc



  1. I love the laid back and bohemian one. It is so versatile! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, party, even just a quiet place to read a book in the morning or to knit in the evening! Thanks for the great selections!

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