Like Mother, Like Daughter

So many emotions flooded through me the moment I found out a little girl was growing inside my stomach all those months ago. Today, I look at Scarlett and in those moments – fleeting moments when she rubs her hand back and forth across my knee as she ferociously swallows down the milk from her bottle, or she grabs at her daddy’s buttons as he plays with her – I am so welled up with emotion. So much love. So much to be grateful for. And so much that lies ahead. It’s the incomprehensible future that I can hardly wrap my mind around. The idea that this perfect little creature is mine, forever. It’s an incredible feeling. And a daughter, no less.


She may look just like her Daddy, but she is oh so mine. I can’t wait for the days when she powders her nose with my makeup brushes, when she lays out her clothes choosing just the right outfit in the morning, when she begs us to see her favorite princess movie over and over again. I hope she plays sports and loves science like her Daddy, but I can’t help but dream she’ll love books the way I do, that she’ll relish in the days we have mommy/daughter shopping dates (because to this day, I still love those days with my mama and sister). It feels good to be my baby girl’s mama.

Bianca-Balti-Matilde-Lucidi-by-Martin-Parr-Daily-Chores-Grey-8-Spring-Summer-2013-1 Bianca-Balti-Matilde-Lucidi-by-Martin-Parr-Daily-Chores-Grey-8-Spring-Summer-2013-2 Bianca-Balti-Matilde-Lucidi-by-Martin-Parr-Daily-Chores-Grey-8-Spring-Summer-2013-3 Bianca-Balti-Matilde-Lucidi-by-Martin-Parr-Daily-Chores-Grey-8-Spring-Summer-2013-4 Bianca-Balti-Matilde-Lucidi-by-Martin-Parr-Daily-Chores-Grey-8-Spring-Summer-2013-5 Bianca-Balti-Matilde-Lucidi-by-Martin-Parr-Daily-Chores-Grey-8-Spring-Summer-2013-6 Bianca-Balti-Matilde-Lucidi-by-Martin-Parr-Daily-Chores-Grey-8-Spring-Summer-2013-9

Via Grey S/S 2013 // Studded Hearts // Photography: Martin Parr, Styling: Valentina Ilardi Martin, Hair: Wendy Iles, Make-up: Alexandra Byrne, Models: Bianca Balti and her daughter, Matilde doing daily chores around the house.


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