10 Favorite Bold Tile Floors

Maybe it’s because we’ve been renting for so many years, and have walked on the same vinyl “wood” flooring from apartment to apartment, but I have a real soft spot for well-curated floors. Bold tile floors hold an extra special place in my heart. I love their character, their depth, and the real impact a tiled floor can make on a space. These are a few of my favorites spotted around the web, from bathrooms to living rooms to kitchens …

bold black white tile floors kitchen gold

The black/white/brass palette works so seamlessly in this Mediterranean style kitchen. (via Remodelista)

patterned bathroom floor tile tub

This is just about the most perfect patterned bathroom floor I have seen. (via HGTV Remodels)


Here, the homeowners kept the old (but very good) and used the original tiled floors and rustic features of this traditional villa in the heart of Barcelona and the result is charming in every way. (via Elle Decoration)


I love how this blue tile spans the floor and backsplash in this rustic-meets-modern kitchen. (via Shubin + Donaldson)


Oh how I adore these black and white patterned tiles throughout the hallway of this space. The white-washed brick walls aren’t half bad either. (via trendir)

green tile house design

Never have I ever loved green (and pink and purple) tile quite so much. (vie Remodelista)


Herringbone tile floors + subway tile walls … yes. (via HGTV)


Pattern and soft pastels make for truly great kitchen tiles. (via Lovely Life)


The earth-toned tiled floors throughout this home really warm up each room, especially in contrast to the bright white walls in the inviting living room. (via Rue Mag)

blue tile bathroom wood tub

I’m not sure what’s more striking here: the blue patterned tiles or the wood-framed bath tub. Either way, I’m all over it. (via lil red dot folks)

Any favorites?



  1. whitney

    Soo pretty. I was just choosing floors for a restaurant that the designer I work for is working on and there are so many amazing ones out there right now. I was planning to do a blog post on floors and am inspired by yours!

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