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Little Love Notes

desktop - glasses flowers and lotion

Happy weekend! A few little love notes to get you through …

Dear blogging faves, loved seeing Jacquelyn of Lark & Linen over on Chevrons & Éclairs. Spend a few minutes and read about how Jacquelyn made the full-time leap into her own interior design business; so inspiring.

Dear fellow entrepreneurs300 awesome free things for start-ups and small businesses.

Dear organized, you have to check out some of these great apps for making life easier. Just downloaded Calenmob.

Dear early 2000s Britney fans (I mean, that’s like everyone right?), Christina Aguilera’s Britney Spears impression is spot-on.

Dear wanderlust, the 50 Best Restaurants in Paris … you know, just in case.

Dear early morning rush, four ways to kick up your breakfast toast.

Dear everyone, Scarlett’s Nursery was featured on Style Me Pretty! (Plus, a behind-the-scenes look right here.)

By the way, do you see a blue and black dress or a white and gold dress? #science

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Image via Chevrons & Éclairs | Heidi Lau Photography for Lark & Linen


12 Sunglasses Under $40, That Only Look Expensive

Our baby girl, Scarlett has officially entered the “grabby” stage; a.k.a., she grabs everything and anything in sight: silverware, plastic, boxes, bags, jewelry I’m wearing, even my sunglasses. The sunglasses are a big one. She gets them off my face and into her mouth so quickly, I hardly have time to react. We’ve definitely entered “baby” stage.

black outline sunglasses and celine bag

Though I won’t say goodbye to my pricier sunglasses (I just love them!), for the next few months (and dare I say it, years), my solution: I’ll be sticking with sunglasses of the more affordable variety. Lucky for you, I’ve done the hunting for you: 12 very adorable shades all at under $40 (and some under $10, because a girl can never have too many pairs, and at under $10, you can stock up like it’s your job.)

affordable sunglasses - under $40 - fashion -

Shop the Sunglasses: 1. Steve Madden 48mm Metal Brow Bar Round Sunglasses, $38 | 2. Leith 52mm Cat Eye Sunglasses, $34 | 3. BP. 55mm Oversize Retro Sunglasses, $12 | 4. Forever 21 Classic Aviator Sunglasses, $5.80 | 5. BP. ‘Ellie’ 55mm Marble Sunglasses, $12 | 6. Mod Keyhole Bridge Round Cat Eye Sunglasses, $9.99 (on sale!) | 7. Forever 21 Geometric Cat Eye Sunglasses, $5.90 | 8. Eyelid Half Lens Round Sunglasses, $9.99 | 9. Gold Metal Large Round Sunglasses, $9.95 | 10. Forever 21 Round Leopard Print Sunglasses, $5.90 | 11. Round Circle Half Frame Semi-Rimless Cateye Sunglasses, $9.90 | 12. Hot Sale Fashion Sunglasses, $13.99 (on sale!)

Image via It’s Not Her, It’s Me


Style Me Pretty: Scarlett’s Nursery Feature

I am so so so so excited to finally share with you that Scarlett’s nursery is featured on Style Me Pretty, right this very second. You may remember sometime last year, our home and my office was featured on Style Me Pretty as well, and when the fabulous ladies at Style Me Pretty Living asked if I would be interested in sharing our then baby-girl-to-be’s upcoming nursery, I practically sang (and trust me, no one wants that.) So I’ll spare you the singing and get on with the pictures.

By the way, these are a few of my favorites; be sure to head over to Style Me Pretty for the full feature.

Lexi_SMP_DianaZapata-97 Lexi_SMP_DianaZapata-6 Lexi_SMP_DianaZapata-29

Remember the Paris Chic Style Nursery Board? And of course, the bookshelf styling? (By the way, still hoping for that Petal Pusher Wallpaper; maybe in our next apartment?) #comingsoon

Lexi_SMP_DianaZapata-31 Lexi_SMP_DianaZapata-98 Lexi_SMP_DianaZapata-32

The paper flowers by Lovelyfest Goods above Scarlett’s crib are still one of her favorite features in the room. She stares up at them and sings to them and its just darling. Huge props to her Daddy for spending hours placing them one by one for me.

I worked on incorporating little touches of black here and there trying hard not to allow it to look too harsh for a little girl’s nursery.

From the Style Me Pretty feature:

I knew from the start that I wanted something neutral, soft, and dreamy, with pops of black, gold, and subtle hints of very pale pink. I tried to be wary of keeping the design from getting too black (because goodness knows if I could paint the world in black, I would … or at the very least, throw a black leather jacket on everyone.) And black was a non-negotiable when I discovered the black-spotted crib sheets and the black and gold clothing rack. Keeping the room light and fun was a must, because a little girl was going to live in and love that room. The more modern white crib, dresser, and bookcase lent itself to a more playful space. I also always wanted the room to have a notable French vibe, something very Parisian and chic, with vintage touches. That was all mommy. I knew that travel and great vintage-inspired pieces had to find their way into the mix, and I figured roses would be the feminine flower touch of choice. The real trick was fitting everything into the very tiny former “office” without it feeling too overcrowded. Lexi_SMP_DianaZapata-7 Lexi_SMP_DianaZapata-8 Lexi_SMP_DianaZapata-96 Lexi_SMP_DianaZapata-93 Lexi_SMP_DianaZapata-45

Today, Scarlett’s nursery is ever a work in progress. We’re always adding fun and quirky touches, and as she gets older, it’s toy central. We’re loving every second of it. Lexi_SMP_DianaZapata-55 Lexi_SMP_DianaZapata-18 Lexi_SMP_DianaZapata-20 Lexi_SMP_DianaZapata-36 Lexi_SMP_DianaZapata-15 Lexi_SMP_DianaZapata-14 Lexi_SMP_DianaZapata-10 Lexi_SMP_DianaZapata-13 Lexi_SMP_DianaZapata-12 Lexi_SMP_DianaZapata-72 Lexi_SMP_DianaZapata-70 Lexi_SMP_DianaZapata-63

Special thanks to everyone for making Scarlett’s beautiful nursery possible, even though baby girl came early (surprise!) and her mama was nowhere near ready. Thank you, hubby, for helping with every last detail; mama, for all of your tireless shopping and Scarlett’s beautiful quilt; my family for every ounce of help (always); Diana Zapata for your rockstar photography; AllModernLayla GraceFreshly PickedThe Alison ShowYarningmadeLovelyfest GoodsStudio MucciDream Green DIYLindsay LettersBeth + Borrow, for the beautiful pieces, and of course Style Me Pretty, for the feature.

Featured on Style Me Pretty | Photography: Diana Zapata | Styling: Lexi of Glitter, Inc. | Room Board Inspiration: Lex & Liv Design | Mid-Century Bookcase: DwellStudio | Mid-Century Crib and Dresser: DwellStudio via AllModern | Blabla Knit Dolls: Layla Grace | Black and White Heart Knitted Blanket: Yarningmade | Bonjour Wire Script: Anthropologie | DIY Felt Nursery Banner: Dream Green DIY | Emily + Merritt Wardrobe Rack: PB Teen | Glider Arm Chair and Ottoman: AllModern | Gold Globe: West Elm | Gold Moccasins: Freshly Picked | Gold Prints: Lindsay Letters | Gold Sequin Hanger: Pearls and Pastries | Hand-painted Announcement Chalkboard: Beth + Borrow | Heirloom Moccasins: Freshly Picked | High Chair: Monte Design via Layla Grace | Hottsie Dottsie Fitted Crib Sheet: Cotton Tale Designs | In Bloom Book Collection: Rifle Paper Co. | Intaglio Dresser:Anthropologie | Leather Triangle Mobile: The Alison Show | Metallic Pandan Bins: Serena & Lily | Pebble Pure Crib Mattress: Layla Grace | Pink Piano: Schoenhut | Sheepskin Rug: Pottery Barn | Souk Wool Rug: West Elm | Tassel Garland: Studio Mucci | Tissue Paper Flowers: Lovelyfest Goods


Like Mother, Like Daughter

So many emotions flooded through me the moment I found out a little girl was growing inside my stomach all those months ago. Today, I look at Scarlett and in those moments – fleeting moments when she rubs her hand back and forth across my knee as she ferociously swallows down the milk from her bottle, or she grabs at her daddy’s buttons as he plays with her – I am so welled up with emotion. So much love. So much to be grateful for. And so much that lies ahead. It’s the incomprehensible future that I can hardly wrap my mind around. The idea that this perfect little creature is mine, forever. It’s an incredible feeling. And a daughter, no less.


She may look just like her Daddy, but she is oh so mine. I can’t wait for the days when she powders her nose with my makeup brushes, when she lays out her clothes choosing just the right outfit in the morning, when she begs us to see her favorite princess movie over and over again. I hope she plays sports and loves science like her Daddy, but I can’t help but dream she’ll love books the way I do, that she’ll relish in the days we have mommy/daughter shopping dates (because to this day, I still love those days with my mama and sister). It feels good to be my baby girl’s mama.

Bianca-Balti-Matilde-Lucidi-by-Martin-Parr-Daily-Chores-Grey-8-Spring-Summer-2013-1 Bianca-Balti-Matilde-Lucidi-by-Martin-Parr-Daily-Chores-Grey-8-Spring-Summer-2013-2 Bianca-Balti-Matilde-Lucidi-by-Martin-Parr-Daily-Chores-Grey-8-Spring-Summer-2013-3 Bianca-Balti-Matilde-Lucidi-by-Martin-Parr-Daily-Chores-Grey-8-Spring-Summer-2013-4 Bianca-Balti-Matilde-Lucidi-by-Martin-Parr-Daily-Chores-Grey-8-Spring-Summer-2013-5 Bianca-Balti-Matilde-Lucidi-by-Martin-Parr-Daily-Chores-Grey-8-Spring-Summer-2013-6 Bianca-Balti-Matilde-Lucidi-by-Martin-Parr-Daily-Chores-Grey-8-Spring-Summer-2013-9

Via Grey S/S 2013 // Studded Hearts // Photography: Martin Parr, Styling: Valentina Ilardi Martin, Hair: Wendy Iles, Make-up: Alexandra Byrne, Models: Bianca Balti and her daughter, Matilde doing daily chores around the house.


Little Love Notes

monochrome magazine coffee bed

Though I made it months without catching a cold, my crazy work/mama schedule finally got the best of me and I am plain old sick. Blech. Luckily, I have a very lazy weekend planned (hubby is at the hospital straight through the weekend/week), so I have a feeling chick flicks and cups of tea are in our future (Scarlett is so excited, she’s squealing and eating her sock right this very moment.) How are you guys? Any big weekend plans?

A few little love notes to catch you up on the best of the week …

Dear everyone, a handful of American kids react to breakfasts from around the world and it is just about the cutest thing.

Dear photo-obsessediTunes just released Darkroom last week; an uber impressive photo app – and the best part, it’s free! The app gives you complete creative control over photos with editable filters and raw editing tools; consider it a mini-Photoshop for your iPhone.

Dear BFF’s, Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss play a game of Who’s the Best, Best Friend, and adorable-ness ensues.

Dear editorial dreams, the Vogue instagram diary.

Dear wedding dreams, a driftwood inspired wedding.

Dear shoe lust, after admitting this on Instagram, I’m happy to swoon from the rooftops about these lace-up ballet flats.

Dear office glam, my favorite gold and acrylic desk accessories all in one place.

Dear weekend baking, warm cinnamon roll bites.

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Image via Park & Cube


New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015 Street Style Favorites

Every year, whether I’m at New York Fashion Week or not, I swoon over the impeccable street style. If I’m being honest, the Fall/Winter presentations (early-to-mid February) are typically my favorite. I’m forever a fan of great coats, layers and winter wear. The street style stars (a.k.a., fashion insiders buzzing in and around the shows) are equally chic each and every NYFW. And can I just say, it takes serious style to pull off fashion and warmth; because it is seriously friggin’ cold in NYC right now.

Any standout favorites?

Images via 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 // 14