3-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies {Lower Sugar Recipe}


Say hello to the very best peanut butter cookies around; don’t let the three-ingredient thing fool you, this is the way to make the perfect peanut butter cookies. I make these flour-less peanut butter cookies all of the time.  And here’s the secret – beyond being somewhat better-for-you – these peanut butter cookies also happen to be subtly sweet, peanut-buttery, moist with just the right amount of chew around the edges, and oh so good. I love how simple these cookies are to make, the peanut butter adds a serious dose of protein (and I’m always looking for ways to sneak that in), there’s no butter or flour in these, and they are absolutely delicious.  The recipe also happens to be a classic – and is all over the internet – but I actually experimented and cut the sugar a bit (to lighten them up a tad more), and they turned out brilliantly, so I thought I’d share!

These cookies are GREAT to whip up in a pinch when you need a quick dessert or treat to bring to a party, and they also make a really fun recipe to make with the little ones!

My suggestion: make several batches (because they really are that easy), stack ’em up in stacks of six or so, wrap them in brightly-colored cellophane wrap (also love these tall cellophane bags), and give them as holiday gifts. Everyone will adore you forever more, I promise. (And don’t worry about the cut-down sugar version, the original version is so sweet – too sweet in my opinion – and no one will ever notice. Trust me, my husband, who catches every single “slimmed down baking trick” in the book, had absolutely no idea I cut the sugar on these babies.)



Makes 18 cookies.
Level: Easy (as in, super easy)


1 cup peanut butter (crunchy or creamy)
¾ cup sugar (plus extra for dipping if desired)
1 egg
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract (optional)


Preheat oven to 350°F (175°C). Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

Using an electric mixer or a fork, mix together the peanut butter, white sugar and egg until smooth.  I often do this by hand with a fork – it mixes up that easily.

Form dough into round balls. Place on the baking sheet at least 2 inches apart, and then use a fork to flatten.  (If you like your pb cookies with a little extra sugary crunch, you can either roll your raw dough balls in an extra bowl of sugar, if desired, to coat the outside of the dough ball or you can sprinkle a bit of sugar over the tops of the raw pressed cookies on the baking pan before baking.)

Bake for 6 to 8 minutes, until the cookies are just slightly browned on the bottom, being careful not to over-bake (seven minutes is usually just perfect to keep them soft and moist.) Remove and let cool on the baking sheet for 1 minute (they may look a bit under-done, but let them set), then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.

NOTE:  You can also bake these cookies with an unwrapped hershey kiss pressed into each cookie dough ball or a teaspoon-full of jelly or jam.

three-ingredient-peanut-butter-cookies---recipe---glitterinc.com three-ingredient-peanut-butter-cookies---recipe---lower-sugar-2---glitterinc.com three-ingredient-peanut-butter-cookies-stack---lower-sugar---glitterinc.com three-ingredient-peanut-butter-cookies---lower-sugar---glitterinc.com

Enjoy them warm out of the oven or cold (I actually love them refrigerated.)

Recipe adapted via Food Network



  1. Alyssa

    I love peanut butter cookies! I make them around this time every year with my grandma 🙂

  2. I love anything with peanut butter so these cookies are perfect for me. I love how little ingredients they require and how surprisingly healthy they are in comparison to other cookies!

  3. Helen

    Hi Lexi, can you use natural stir peanut butter for these?

    • Lexi

      That’s a great question. I think it’s definitely worth a try … but keep in mind, a runnier variety of natural peanut butter probably won’t hold together as well in the cookie. Let me know how it turns out!

  4. Yummo Lexi! Look really yummy, Thank you for contributing to The Sunday Brunch Magazine, So great to have you join us, kind regards Eliza & Bel x

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