Choosing Our Baby’s Car Seat: Britax Advocate

When choosing our little girl’s car seat we had a few non-negotiable’s in mind:  we knew we wanted a car seat with the highest safety ratings (that was an easy one!), we knew we wanted something sleek and comfortable for our baby girl, and we knew that we were looking for a convertible car seat to avoid needing to buy an infant car seat and a toddler car seat. The Britax Advocate was everything we were looking for and more, so I thought I’d share a little review.

As far as convertible car seats go, the Advocate supports a child up to 65 pounds (and we can keep her rear-facing up to 40 pounds), which is really impressive (and a huge advantage, since we want to keep our little one in a car seat for as long as possible. Kids are SO much safer in a car seat.) Now here’s the tricky part:  Scarlett left the hospital at under five pounds, and we were in a panic about whether she would even fit into a car seat. We ended up adding an infant insert, and voila:  Scarlett was snug as a bug.  The Britax Advocate is so soft and well-padded (it’s made with high density comfort foam), and the comfort seems obvious. Scarlett actually closes her eyes the moment the car starts moving – she is just so content in that car seat.

And in terms of safety, Britax is tops. The car seat is incredibly sturdy, well-padded, and doesn’t rock back and forth like a lot of car seats do. The seat is also equipped with a base with SafeCell technology, integrated steel bars, side impact protection, side impact cushion technology, five-point harness and tethering. Those are some major safety features.

Britax offers so many great car seats and we honestly had the toughest time deciding, but in the end, the Advocate turned out to be a perfect fit, particularly because the car seat she loves now will easily grow with her for years to come.

Disclosure:  A Britax Advocate Car Seat was provided for purposes of this review; however, no payment was received and all views are entirely my own.



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