17 Fall-Worthy Pumpkin Desserts

‘Tis the season … to break out the pumpkins. (Hey, I waited a whole two days into October … that’s got to count for something. #pumpkinselfcontrol)

Pumpkin just begs to be baked into everything sweet, so I put together a round-up of the fifteen yummiest Fall-worthy pumpkin dessert recipes using plenty of pumpkin. I have my eye on a few very awesome looking pumpkin-packed donuts, pumpkin pancakes and waffles are on the weekend menu most of the season, and combining pumpkin and s’mores sounds like heaven in a muffin tin, so there’s that.  Let the Fall baking commence!

Do you have any pumpkin favorites? I’m always looking for new and yummy pumpkin recipes to add to the mix!



  1. Thank you so much for sharing these recipies!I have been looking for a pumpkin recipie for this weekend! Great picks!The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  2. Julie

    Thank you, Lexi.I absolutely adore pumpkin and you posted recipes I haven’t seen before. Thanks for sharing.

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