A Very Ladylike Nursery With Aubrey Kinch

Hello all – I’m Aubrey from aubreykinch.com and Lexi has been so sweet to ask me to fill in while she’s away enjoying some time with her new babe! I also am expecting a little lady in late October so I’m going to share our nursery inspiration today… shall we?

very ladylike girl nursery tassels deer gold - glitterinc.com



I have to be honest and say when we found out we were pregnant my mind immediately went to decorating a nursery for a boy so when it was confirmed a little lady was joining our family, I had to regroup a little bit and pull together some thoughts on how I wanted to decor for a sweet princess. I have a serious obsession with gold and blush (like most people these days!) so I knew pretty quickly I’d be continuing that love with a room that had those touched throughout. Luckily, going from having a home office to that was all girl, I had a lot of items that can be used for baby lady’s room! My main purchases have been throw pillows, bedding, a rug and some prints to fill her gallery wall but otherwise, we’ve been pretty blessed not having to purchase a lot!

As items arrive, I just get more and more excited that our baby girl will be sleeping in that room and how all our hard work is being spent creating a little oasis for her. Reflecting back on when we started trying having a baby to then finding out, I thought that day would never come and here we are 5 months in and only a few more to go until we meet her! Pregnancy hasn’t been the most beautiful thing to me having been sick since about week 3 to currently but I’ve learned to rely on some amazing friends and family as well as fellow pregnant bloggers (like Lexi!) who have been through or are going through the same thing. I also wrote a post here about the not so glamorous things people don’t normally tell you – it’s quite a laugh and beyond embarrassing for me, so please enjoy!

Thank you for letting me steal Lexi’s space of the internet while she’s soaking in all her precious time with her new baby love! Feel free to touch base via social media if you feel so inclined // @aubreykinch!

xo, Aubrey Kinch



  1. meg-made

    How beautiful! That gold pouf is on my wish list for our next place too, I LOVE it!!! Such a pretty room for a special little girl!! xx

  2. I love this color scheme. Blush and gold make such an elegant combination. I wish you the best of luck throughout the rest of your pregnancy, Aubrey! Your little baby girl is going to have such a beautiful nursery.

    -Helen Grace


  3. oh yayyyyy, Aubrey! That is so exciting that y’all are having a little girl!! We aren’t finding out what we’re having so I’m leaning towards a mainly white nursery like what you’ve put together!! I am so happy for you and am off to read your post about the not so glam parts of pregnancy! Ugh. I bet I can relate to a lot of it.


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