12 Summer Fruit Galette Recipes {Slideshow}


I love an easy Summer dessert.  Let me preface that with the very candid, I love all dessert.  Easy dessert recipes, especially the kind packed with fresh Summer fruit … even better.  Plus, this Saturday marks the official start of Summer, so what better way to celebrate than with a classic Summer dessert?  A galette is simple rustic baking at it’s finest (similar to fruit pies and tarts).  Galettes are also delicious, best served with ice cream or whipped cream (ummm, awesome), and so very French.

If pie crust intimidates you, a galette should be your new best friend. You simply roll out your dough (skip the pastry tin or pie pan and try it on a piece of parchment paper instead), fill it up with fruit, fold the edges over, and bake.

Really wow your friends with your new dessert skills at your next dinner party; Summer dining al fresco with friends, anyone?


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