Work/Life Balance: How I Stay on Time

I often get asked how I juggle working as a lawyer and a blogger – and though the absolute truth is that the balance is not always so perfect, not always so graceful – the secret is taking deep breaths and working hard to stay on top of it all.

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A few tips for staying on time:

  • I write everything down.  Sometimes more than once, but at the very least, in my Google calendar (that syncs to my iPhone and my desktop), and in a paper planner and/or on post-it notes (yes, I am a post-it note junkie.)
  • I set reminders and keep a running “to do” list.
  • Stay on track.  Though I have the tendency to start multiple projects at once, it really helps to give each project an end.  You’ll get so much more done with concrete goals that you actually keep.
  • Devote a few minutes each day to organization.  Even ten to fifteen minutes each day, focusing on get organized, working on a “to do” list, updating a planner or agenda, makes a world of difference.  Organization takes effort.
  • De-clutter.  This is certainly not my strong suit – but I’m trying.
  • I leave early for everything, probably earlier than necessary, but I hate the feeling of anxiety you get when you’re running late to anything at all.  Not worth the extra ten minutes … so I leave early, always.
  • Wear a great watch – you don’t always want to be checking your cell phone (sometimes it proves more of a distraction than a help.)
  • Coffee helps.  Sleep helps more.

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  1. Kayla

    I definitely try to clean out my inbox on a daily basis.. otherwise things would slip through the cracks!
    And um.. great points and all but I can’t stop staring at your freakin’ gorgeous rock of a ring! LOOOVEEEEE! Maybe I can borrow sometime? Haha


    • Lexi

      I definitely need to try to clean out my inbox each day! And thank you SO much – hubby did good. 🙂

  2. Meagan

    I like to have a “calendar meeting” every few days where I sit down and look at the calendar for the next month – that way nothing sneaks up on me!

  3. Google Calendar has saved my life. I’m also a post-it note junkie. 🙂

    • Lexi

      Yes! I love Google Calendar!

  4. Gheesh, you make me feel better knowing I’m not the only one who uses the google planner and day designer and sticky’s! Thanks! It’s a definite “balancing” act…I haven’t reached it yet… Work in progress!

    • Lexi

      You are definitely not alone! (haha, I need as much help as I can get!)

  5. Robbie

    What do you use to keep your running to do list? I’m really interested in the Whitney English Day Designer, but it looks like it only has room for daily task lists as opposed to a master to do list to record every random task that I want to get out of my head that doesn’t need to be done on any particular day.

    • Lexi

      Honestly, I use mostly post-it notes and my google calendar to keep a running tab of “to do’s” – I’ve also heard good things about the Todoist app. Hope that helps!

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