Wedding Trend: Naked Cakes

You heard that right, one of the most popular trends in wedding desserts lately has been, the very naked cake … that, is a cake not covered in frosting.  And the look really is perfect for upcoming Spring and Summer weddings.  Most are adorned with fresh fruit or flowers, keeping the look organic and almost rustic – though I have seem plenty of very glam naked cakes, like the gorgeous pink-drizzled naked cake (below) dreamed up for a Holiday wedding inspiration shoot by Melissa’s Fine Pastries.  And I have to admit, I love how rich the exposed dark chocolate cake layers look, especially set against the white buttercream frosting layers in between.  Just not sure my husband would get on board with a cake missing an essential element – mounds of additional frosting.  Would you go naked?

Naked Wedding Cakes. Click through for the details. | | @glitterinc

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  1. Rachel

    I actually really like this idea! My bf and I casually talked about wedding cakes one day- it seems no one even eats them and it’s sort of a waste of money. I feel like these would be cheaper and people would be more likely to actually eat them!

    • Lexi

      I love that you guys casually talk about wedding cakes! 😉

  2. meg-made

    If I could have my wedding day over I would DEFINITELY go naked!! I think they look amazing, more natural and less stuffy. xx

    • Lexi

      That’s awesome and I totally agree! Love the look. 🙂

  3. Aliki

    I simply adore this trend!
    I just had a themed photoshooting about 3 weeks ago, presenting among others this extremely fresh idea!
    What about the mini naked cakes? Aren’t they adorable too?

    Greetings from Greece!

    • Lexi

      Mini naked cakes?! I must check that out!! 🙂

  4. Bengi

    wau, i love those cakes

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  6. Amber. rose

    I have never been a fan of frosting and when I was a little girl my mom made my cake sans frosting. When I found this trend I does a little my fiance and I are having a naked cake for our fall wedding next year. A bit of my momma will be with us after all.

  7. megan

    I spoke to a local cake maker about naked cakes and he will not make them as the cake goes stale very quickly. We are planning an outdoor summer wedding. He said by the time the cake is cut and eaten the cake would have very dry edges.

    • Lexi

      Oh that’s good to know!

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