Little Love Notes

Violet Gaynor - The Glow - baby in J.Crew - Moroccan Rug

Dear daily day-dreaming, I’ve got baby on the brain.  I can’t help but dream about what she will look like, smell like, sound like.  The idea of a baby is so foreign to me, that truth be told, it’s actually kind of hard to picture her.  But I feel her kicking around in my tummy every day, and with each doctor’s visit and major baby purchase (i.e., last weekend, we finally started our baby registry!), she becomes more and more real.  And I become more and more nervous.  Pinch me.

Dear SATC forever-fans, The Many Shoes of Carrie Bradshaw’s Closet.

Dear J.Crew, you are the only retailer who can single-handedly convince me to rock pajamas to work.  And rock I shall.  These dressed-up silk pajama pants are going in my shopping cart.

Dear workaholics, What Successful People Do With the First Hour of Their Workday.  {My mom always taught me to do the thing I wanted to do least first, i.e., make the phone call you’re most dreading first thing in the morning, so that the weight is off your shoulders.  You go, mom.}

Dear writers, 10 Rules of Fiction Writing.  {i.e., “If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it.” – Elmore Leonard}

Dear font fanatics, have you met Ondise? #loveatfirstsight

Dear bummed you missed the first Zara shopper tote wave, the Spring Zara leather shopper is here (and it’s got a shiny silver interior … swoon.)

Dear plans for Easter, don’t forget to include these amazing frosted sugar cookie bars on your recipe to-do list.

Image via The Glow // Photography by Kelly Stuart for the Glow


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  1. alyson

    love these links! can’t wait to see your little babe… hard to imagine until they’re here; it’s just so surreal but it’s amazing!

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