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Lace Sleeve Tutu Wedding Dress - Desert

In truth, a big billowy white tulle tutu gets me every time, but re-imagined as part of a delicate sleeved lace wedding dress is just stunning.  I love the length of the tulle skirt – perfect for the couple’s beach wedding, and the details, from the buttons down the back of the bride’s dress to the polka-dotted birdcage veil, are just perfect.

From the bride, on her dress:  “I would have never found exactly what I wanted unless I had it made. My dress consisted of a large ballerina skirt and lace top that buttoned in a V at the back, it was made by Carmelita, a seamstress in Lagos. I really want to wear it all the time.”

Lace Sleeved Wedding Tulle Tutu Dress - olive tree Lace Sleeved Tutu Tulle Wedding Dress + birdcage veil + bouquet Lace-Sleeved-Tulle-Tutu-Wedding-Dress---beach

Via The Pretty Blog // Photographers: Piteira Photography // Wedding Dress: Carmelita Pelita


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  1. This is gorj!! I can see why she had it made. I work in the Bridal industry and stare at pictures of bridal gowns all day. And I do not like, fit and flare, the mermaid cut or…wait for it…strapless. Which is HUGE in bridal. I too love tulle and to me this the one time in your life you can and should wear it! And love the lave top too. Just great.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

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