{Maternity} Wear: Denim + Pants

I have a big butt and I cannot lie.  And for so long, before ever going and getting knocked up, I was convinced that Lexi with a booty, plus big ‘ol pregnancy belly, would look like a human weeble wobble.  When you have junk in the trunk, adding junk to the front can make you look, well, round.  But slowly and surely, I’m figuring this whole dressing-the-bump thing out, even with a booty.

We once had a client, back when our firm was handling a few divorces, who was getting a divorce from a not-so-faithful husband.  This client was gorgeous (and hilarious), and very Columbian, and one day, standing in the office, hollering (because that was just the sound of her voice) about the woman she had learned her husband had been sneaking around with, our client proclaimed, “I can’t believe he went for that woman!  She has nothing in the front and nothing in the back!”  Add a very perfect accent, and you had the state of affairs in our office that day.  You see, to our client, curves were sexy.  A woman with something in the front and something in the back was very sexy, and she should embrace that.  I’m not saying I’ll be thrilled about these newfound curves at eight-and-a-half months pregnant, but after years and years of lamenting my big booty, I’d learned to embrace it (and dress for it … dressing for your body is half the battle), so at this point in the pregnancy, I am going to embrace the curves.  I have something in the back, and suddenly, I have something in the front (Hello, baby belly!)  The best way to do that:  work with proportions.  A skinny leg pant has been my savior.  I’m not one to rock a tight tank, especially not when my flat tummy has been replaced by this miniature bowling ball, so loose tops have been my BFF (more on that, here.)  With a loose top, especially the kind with a longer hem (perfect for hiding hips and booty), fitted pants are a necessity.

I’m not suggesting this method will work for every pregnant body out there.  Again, the best fashion advice I can give is: dress for your body, not for the trends.  But as a pregnant girl, with a booty, this look seems to work like a charm.  (By the way, if you’re looking for the tops, I’ve got a whole post on Non-Maternity {Maternity} Wear: Tops + Dresses.)

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Shop the Look (plus a few other favorites):



Invest in maternity jeans (you will wear them both during pregnancy and for the few months after when your body is still getting back to normal-ish), but …

Don’t stress yourself out about buying the designer brands, unless they look fabulous; then, and only then, buy them on sale.  For instance, I’ve always loved 7 for All Mankind and Citizens of Humanity denim, but when it came to pregnancy, even with the designer’s maternity line, trying to wiggle in and out of their version of maternity “skinny” jeans was hilarious, to say the least.  My guess is, for a girl with skinny legs and absolutely no bum to speak of, these jeans are adorable, but for me, writhing back and forth trying to ease my hips into too-tight denim … not cute.  And buying two or three sizes up was just not an option on my already fragile ego.  NEXT!

My favorite style for a girl with a booty/hips:  A Pea in the Pod …  They are soft, stretchy, and unbelievably flattering.  You can also buy your actual size and they should get you through your entire pregnancy.  I bought myself two pairs in a size Petite Medium, unlike certain other designer jeans that forced me into sizes I just don’t want to talk about.  Again with the fragile self-esteem.  And by the way, buy the right length – the fact that A Pea in the Pod carries Petite and Long Length is fantastic – no unnecessary hemming for me; plus, a skinny leg jean that hits right at the ankle is going to flatter shorter legs a whole lot more than bunched up too-long jeans.

I cannot stress enough – try your maternity jeans on.  No two pairs fits exactly the same, nor do two different brands.  If you’re ordering online – which is common with maternity, given that so few stores actually carry a wide maternity range in stores – look for free returns/shipping.  Also, decide what maternity style you prefer – the two most common: maternity jeans with side stretch panels and maternity jeans with a stretchy material that goes all the way up over your belly.  My take:  in the first few months, the stretchy side panels are great, and you can easily wear these jeans after you’ve had the baby until you’re ready to squeeze back into your traditional jeans; but, by about month six, you’ll probably feel more comfortable in the over-the-belly waistband version.  (It’s a pretty uncomfortable feeling to have your new belly hanging over your jeans, plus the high waistband keeps the too-short shirt problem at bay.)


It’s important to note here that I would be nowhere without my elastic waistbands.  But I was not ready to give up style for comfort, so I searched high and low for pants with stretch that were still cute.  And thanks to the current trend in pajama/trouser-style pants, there are so many amazing and adorable options.  From all of the department stores to Free People to Anthropologie, even to Forever 21, there are awesome elastic-banded pants everywhere.  I’m only just shy of six months into my pregnancy, so I can’t promise these elastic bands will fit all the way through, but so long as you buy a looser style, or go one size up, I don’t see why you can’t rock these pants, under the bump, right up until the end.


I could write a ten-page poem about my love for the harem pant.  I know they are slightly over-the-top, and maybe men aren’t the biggest fan of the drop-crotch (I mean, even the sound of “drop crotch” sounds pretty unappealing), but oh are they comfy.  Look for a harem pant with less drop, and a bit more style.  The buttery jersey material and forgiving waist on most versions, makes these my go-to lounge pant during pregnancy.  Plus, a harem style in black is always simple and cute, though I say, if you’re into pattern, go for it.

What pants did you live in during pregnancy?  Any suggestions?



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  2. Am I the only one who thought of Sofia Vergara when you were describing your client?
    sorry, I skimmed over the fashion portion because I am “not very fashionable” but i had to tell you how crazy I am over the design of your site. Just about the best I’ve seen! and the notecard background on the comment portion- so fabulous.

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