5 More DIY Braided Hairstyles {Slideshow}

Don’t write off braids just yet … they’re still as popular as ever for Spring (and Spring is finally herehappy first day of Spring, by the way!)  The adorable, and versatile, updo trend will once again shine in the warmer weather seasons ahead (think Spring and Summer.)  And as the weather heats up, braids are a surefire way to keep your hair up and off your face while still adding style to your look.  Plus, I’ve also always loved the bohemian flair that a great braid adds to any outfit.

I pulled together a few of my favorite {simple} braided hairstyle tutorials, emphasis on “simple”, because me, standing in front of my bathroom mirror at 7am, throwing around bobby pins and cursing my lack of a third hand … well that’s just not cute.  So without further ado … my new hairstyle best friends this Spring:

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