New York Fashion Week, All Covered in Snow


All of the pictures snapped these last few weeks of the Polar Vortex and it’s freezing effects have totally got me terrified of cold weather (Miami blood courses through my veins.)  But seeing Garance Doré‘s photos of models, making their way through the extreme snow to get to their fashion show rehearsals, a mere days before New York Fashion Week is kind of blowing my mind.  The subzero temperatures in New York are certainly going to put a freeze on fashion’s typical stylish efforts during the fashion week race.  And though I’m bummed to be missing this season’s festivities, I’m not sad to miss that kind of weather.  Besides, in years past, I’ve agonized over what adorable boots-and-coat combo to wear; had I gone this season, I would have agonized over whether or not anyone would notice if I wore Hefty trash bags under my industrial Arctic ski-worthy parka.

Image via Garance Doré



  1. Merritt

    It’s definitely more of a chore to dress up for fashion week during a blizzard, but fun nonetheless. As long as you have a great statement coat, you’re good to go!

    The Style Scribe

    • Lexi

      Totally agree – I can’t even imagine!

  2. I know it is going to put a damper on things, what shoes to wear now!!

  3. Tara

    Such a cute pic! I can’t get over how much snow has been falling!

    • Lexi

      haha, I think I’m going to have to agree with you on that one!

  4. Whitney

    What a fabulous photo!!!!
    I am SO glad I found your blog 🙂 SO pretty!!!!

    The Retail Therapist

    • Lexi

      Yay! So glad to hear it … and thank you! 🙂

  5. Jen

    Such a beautiful photo to look at, I’m just glad it’s not me standing in that frigid weather! I would hate to try to navigate snow covered streets in pretty heels all the while trying not to freeze!

    xo jen
    Pearls & Lace

    • Lexi

      I totally agree! Heels and snow can’t possibly mix!

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