Joie’s Fall 2014 Parisian Girl Cool Collection

Joie, a fashion favorite of mine, released their latest collection, the Fall 2014 line, during this season’s New York Fashion Week, and the looks are chic French girl perfection.  I’ve always loved Joie’s feminine-meets-laid-back style, but this collection is everything the elegantly tousled and effortlessly chic French girl embodies.

Joie Fall 2014 Paris France Fashion Lookbook _

While Owner and Creative Director Serge Azria says the line “has always been a mix of Paris and LA” (Azria, who is French and spends time in Paris, lives in and runs his businesses out of Los Angeles), he honed in on the Parisian girl for fall 2014. “This collection is more about a moment, and the moment is Saturday afternoon in Paris, when you can wake up very late, dressed but undressed, and can walk around the streets with your hair a little bit unmade and you feel comfortable. Sexy and tasteful.”

Clearly I need a trip to Paris, or the entire Joie Fall collection. Meanwhile, I may need the Joie Maruceka Dress to get me through the Summer.


Images via Fashionista



  1. i’m much more paris than LA, so absolutely in love with these looks!

    • Lexi

      Totally agree! I’m a Miami girl but I like to think I dress like I’m in Paris or London. 🙂

  2. Love the looks. I see a messy hair trend that I am super excited about!

    • Lexi

      Yes! Love that undone messy hair look … especially for Spring!

  3. Jourdin

    Love these looks! I think we all like to think we dress like we’re from Paris (I sure do!)

    • Lexi

      haha, definitely!

  4. Ah I love the long camel colored coat and the gray sweater! Oh La La!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  5. Agreed lady!! Love that trench coat.

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