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Before Glitter, Inc. became the new home of Glitter & Pearls and Glitter Weddings, I used to post my favorite wedding dress of the week (over on Glitter Weddings, of course.)  Since merging the two sites I worried that too much wedding content might turn a few readers off (when you blog, you worry about things like this all of the time!)  But after a few months hiatus from weekly wedding dress drooling (in the form of “Dress of the Week”), I’ve decided that everyone could use a little extra gorgeous in their lives.  And really, who doesn’t want to swoon over a stunning wedding dress for two minutes on a Friday morning?

So, without further ado, “Dress of the Week”, in all it’s former glory …

Savannah Wedding Long Sleve Lace Wedding Dress

I am so so taken by this lace dress with sleeves.  And the buttons carefully sewn along the edge of each sleeve … wow.  I love how trends change … fifty years ago, everyone wore a dress with sleeves; today it’s strapless for nearly every bride, so when a dress with sleeves comes along, it kind of steals your heart. And can we talk about that vintage 1920s veil?

Savannah Wedding Long Sleve Lace Wedding Dress veil Savannah Wedding Long Sleve Lace Wedding Dress - vintage car

Image via Weddings Unveiled Magazine // Photography: Tec Petaja Photography // Bridal Gown: Temperley London from Kelly’s Closet    // Veil: Vintage 1920s from Cheryl Taylor of Taylor Clarke Bridals // Tiara: Vintage 1920s German tiara // Shoes: Chloé



  1. Beautiful, the lace is just stunning and you are right, beauty is beauty in many different forms 🙂

    • Lexi

      Me too … so dreamy!

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