Winter Vacation Recap: Maine

For the past ten days, hubby and I have been hunkered down in my parent’s house on the coast in Maine.  (We actually started by spending a day-and-a-half in Boston, shopping and stuffing our faces with cupcakes and cannolis. Check out Instagram for the pictures.)  Once in Maine, we relaxed, I managed to catch a wicked cold, and we ate a whole lot of lobster.  I’m a city girl through and through, but I’ve always loved Maine for it’s slowed-down way of life.

Maine House road Winter Vacation 2013 _ Maine House Winter Vacation 2013 _

We snapped a bunch of photos at the beginning of the trip when the snow had settled, the rest of the week, it snowed nearly every day, and we took a few of those days to stay in.  I secretly love wearing the same pajamas I woke up in, all day long.  I’m also not great at giving myself a break in real life, so having no choice but to stay in actually worked out just fine for me.  I also blogged less, though I had all of these grand plans to get caught up in a major way. Nineties chick flicks played all week, I couldn’t resist.

On the days we could get out, we took a local tour of the amazing bakeries (What is it with the amazing baked goods in New England?  Hello, donuts, whoopie pies, and cupcakes!)  We went to countless used bookstores, visited Freeport, Camden, Bath, Wiscasset, and Rockland. Maine used books vintage Winter Vacation 2013 Maine snow harbor boats Winter Vacation 2013 Maine snow lexi plaid zara asos Winter Vacation 2013

That was my weak attempt at blowing snow at hubby.  Epic fail.  Also, do note, absolutely everyone in Maine knew instantly that we weren’t from up North.  My guess is it had something to do with the layers-upon-layers of jackets I was wearing.  In the photo above, I am wearing two shirts, four sweaters, leggings and jeans, two pairs of socks, boots, and a scarf, all under the puffy jacket, and I was still cold.  Mainers wear a sweatshirt and jeans.  I don’t get it.

Maine snow branches ice Winter Vacation 2013 Maine House ice ceiling Winter Vacation 2013 _ Maine House ice trees Winter Vacation 2013 _

I’m totally amazed by the way the ice settles on the tree branches and makes all of the trees glitter in the sunlight.  And snow on the beach, one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen.  (I grew up in Miami, where the beach is just … hot.)

Maine House coast ocean bird house Winter Vacation 2013 _ Maine House beach ocean Winter Vacation 2013 _ Maine House beach ocean snow Winter Vacation 2013 _

It is so good to be back though. I nearly cried with excitement when we landed in South Florida and it was brutally hot on the walk off of the plane. Yep, I’m the weirdo who loves the heat. And now I’m back, in full swing, ready for 2014! Amazing things are headed to this little blog, and I can’t wait to share with you all!

How were your holidays?



    • Lexi

      We definitely did! Happy happy new year! xox

  1. Maine is so beautiful any time of year! Happy new year!

    • Lexi

      Happy Happy New Year!!

  2. Holly Royce

    Brrr! I love seeing your terrific photos and spending 10 days in Maine..
    The baked goods sound yummy!

  3. Holly Royce

    Just in case my last comment didn'[t get submitted.
    Love the Maine photos…especially seeing them here from my nice warm bed in Miami.
    Happy New Year to all!

  4. ashley

    looks like a fun (and chilly!) vacation! happiest of new years! xx

  5. wicked colds have a way of forcing quite time with exciting results don’t they?


    • Lexi

      haha, it was definitely nice to just relax!

  6. Johanna

    I loved following along on Insta. It looked like such a cozy and festive trip and what’s wrong with cupcakes?!

  7. Jenn

    Welcome back! Looks like you had a great time. I miss the snow, but only in pictures.Ha! Btw I could not get that leopard robe out of my head and went online to buy it sadly they only had size large left. Sniff sniff.

  8. Lori

    It looks like you had a great time- beautiful pictures! I am so jealous of that picture of the old books- I bet those bookstores were amazing!
    Happy New Year.

  9. Jenn

    I think I may have deleted my last comment (walked away from the screen for too long – whoops) Anyhow it was basically just I only miss the snow in pics and I’m obsessed with the leopard robe you posted from Maine! Welcome back lady, Happy New Year!

  10. I love Maine….and especially in the winter. It’s so magical! Lovely photos. Cheers to a wonderful 2014!

    • Lexi

      Happy New Year to you too!

  11. Tori

    Looks like an amazing, beautiful, restful trip! My sister has been living in Bethel, Maine since June and loves it. But it is FREEZING there today, so thank goodness you made it back to Florida. I did a lot of staying in over the holidays too, wearing my pink and orange leopard print PJs the whole time!

    • Lexi

      Those sound like a pair of PJs I need to own! 🙂

  12. Your photographs are stunningly gorgeous! And I am a huge believer that sometimes the best mental health days are days spent in the pajamas you woke up in! Happy New Year!

    • Lexi

      Thank you so much – you are so sweet! (And I’m definitely missing my pajamas right about now!) Happy New Year to you too!

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