Fave Find: Agate + Marble iPhone Cases

Since getting my new iPhone a few months ago, I’ve had trouble settling on an iPhone case I love.  Let me back up here for a second: I take iPhone-case-purchasing very seriously.  Other than sunglasses and maybe a great handbag, a cell phone case (along with your phone), goes with you everywhere.  And I love an adorable phone case – especially a statement-maker.  I’ve had the monogrammed case, and the classic gold polka dots (I have loved and seriously worn out my Kate Spade gold polka dotted case!), but I’ve been looking for something a bit funkier.  And then I stumbled across Julia Kostreva‘s gorgeous designs.  All of her iPhone cases are creative and beautiful, but her crystal agate and marble iPhone cases are just so awesome.


Are you a fan?  And help me out; which case do you love more: the crystal agate or the marble?

iPhone images via Julia Kostreva



  1. Kayla

    You must be reading my mind – I’m totally in the market for a new iPhone case! These are super cute!


    • Lexi

      Great minds think alike! 🙂

  2. amy

    omg the pink one! i love it! i want it! haha 🙂

  3. I bought an iPhone 5c a few months ago and have had such trouble finding a fun, chic case for it that it’s just been going naked. I absolutely LOVE the agate case and GASP! it comes in the 5c size! Yippee! Thanks so much for sharing, Lexi!
    xo ~ Lia | Smart n Snazzy

    • Lexi

      Of course! So glad you like!!

  4. Lyddiegal

    These are gorgeous! I love the unique design, I’ve never seen a marble case before, that would have to be my pick.

  5. katherine tino

    The marble case is gorgeous & very unique.

  6. Kristin

    These cases are super cool! I love the crystal agave! I am in need of a new case and this may be my next purchase!

  7. I like the one on the right a lot more! Great designs! I just got the new iphone 5 and have yet to get a case. but I do love it being gold.


  8. ashley

    Gorgeous! I’m kind of obsessed with marble right now… literally went on West Elm and C&B last night and searched “marble.” Ha!

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