The Stylish Winter Parka

leopard parka navy red proenza bag street style necklace Parka-Fur-Hood-jacket-street-style-fashion

I’m a Miami girl through and through.  But let me tell you, after braving the Winter for the past three days in Maine, I am freezing my butt off, and feeling some serious sympathy for my Northern friends.  Seriously, I don’t know how you all do it!  But it has occurred to me that a warm parka is essential.  So far, I’ve tried a cuter coat, with not a whole lot of insulation, and that requires about five layers worn underneath it.  And the worst part about too many layers?  You’re stripping naked in the restaurant or department store, trying desperately to cool off (because Northerners keep it majorly toasty indoors … not that that’s a bad thing!)  So I’ve started to hunt for a cuter winter parka, and let me say, that is no easy task.  Most are super puffy with little shape and not a whole lot of style.  They also all seem to run in black, khaki and green.  Boring.  So I’m on the hunt for a stylish Winter parka (with a whole lot of warmth packed in!)

Images via Scent of Obsession + Ketch-em Bunnies



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