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Dear weekend, I could kiss you.  This was one looong week.  I’ve been putting in overtime at the law office to help out and my blog duties have sort of fallen short — even though I have maybe ten thousand projects in the line-up (yikes!)  Rumor has it, Monday is Veteran’s Day, so here’s to hoping I get an extra day in to focus on the blog (with necessary forced relaxation before that; see below) and of course, a Monday toast to our troops.  Any big weekend plans?  (And yes, I’ve been so crazed, I didn’t even realize it was a long weekend until today.  That’s when you know it’s bad.)

Dear Fall hair, a feather might just be the perfect addition.  Loving this PLUIE gold feather hair clip and this Colette Malouf feather headband.

Dear weekend, I found you a to-do list we might actually want to accomplish.  The art of weekend rest:  let’s do this.

Dear baking, you’ll likely be put on hold this weekend in favor of these homemade ricotta gnocchi.  Sorry, cookies.

Dear font-lovers, a darling round-up of fancy fonts.

Dear Sarah, your house is bonkers amazing.  That is all.

Dear shoe fanatics (who sometimes loathe heels), have you met the Madewell Mira heel?

Dear genius inventions, I can put glitter on my donuts … and eat them?

Dear napping tent, see reference to genius inventions, above.  Also, could you be any prettier?

Get the origins of these sweet little love notes, here.

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      Same to you, Kayla!!! xox

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