Laure de Sagazan 2014

laure-de-sagazan-lace sleeves wedding dress

When I first dreamed up my wedding dress, before ever trying on a wedding dress in any boutique or store, and without taking into consideration the fact that I am 5-foot-2, I dreamed of wearing a long vintage gown, complete with delicate lace detail and a dipped back.  These vintage-inspired dresses, by French bridal designer Laure de Sagazan, are every inch what I dreamed up, and then some.  Each and every dress also looks like something you could (and should) pass on to your daughters, and I totally love that.

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By the way, there are even more stunning photos on Laurent Nivalle‘s page and on the Laure de Sagazan site.

Images via Laure de Sagazan + Miss Moss // Wedding Dresses by Laure de Sagazan // Photos by Laurent Nivalle



  1. Alyssa

    These pieces are all so romantic and etherial. Gorgeous!

  2. These dresses are just so beautiful! I am also looking for a dress and have tried on quite a few it is just hard deciding the final look that I want. I am in love with lace details and these dresses have confirmed it even more! Fantastic inspiration!

    • Lexi

      It’s so hard deciding – especially when there are so many beautiful options! In the end, you have to choose the dress that feels the most you – because you want to feel beautiful AND comfortable on your big day. 🙂

  3. Rachel

    So beautiful! I just want to be that model

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