Four-Finger Ring Sets, a.k.a., Knuckledusters

Luv_AJ_Gold_Cuff_Rings_leather jacket sweater

I am decidedly a ring person. I’ll play in statement necklaces, wrists full of bracelets, and so on, but the truth is, I’m utterly devoted to rings. I honestly can’t leave the house without throwing a few extra rings on … and then I add some more.  Those off days when I run out without my rings, I actually feel like I’m missing something (and I am – my rings are my little nod to fashion, even on the days I’m stuck dressing like an actual grown-up lawyer, which is admittedly rare nowadays – thank goodness!)

The rings-on-every-finger look is gaining popularity and I am so on board!  Plus, don’t “knuckledusters” just sound bada$$?  From the high end options, like the Maison Martin Margiela Knuckle Duster Rings and the Balenciaga Golden Thick Tube Ring Set, the mid-priced Luv AJ Short Set and Tall Set, to the super affordable ASOS Pack of Three Gold Plain Band Rings (at $13.50), I secretly wish I could afford them all.

I love the idea of wearing all four rings across your hand, but I’m also loving that you can split them up and readjust them: wear just one or two, bend to fit higher – between the knuckle and the top of your finger – like a midi ring.

ALEXX-Jae-Milk-floral-top-leather jacket luv aj silver rings set Balenciaga-Spring-2013-golden-rings Luv_AJ_gold_Cuff_Rings_leather

Images: 1 (Luv AJ in Gold) // 2 (Luv AJ in Silver) // 3 (Balenciaga) // 4 (Luv AJ in Gold)



  1. Rachelle

    me too I love ring parties

  2. Johanna

    I love these, Lexi! I have been dying to get my hands on a pair!

  3. Alyssa

    This is such a badass look, but I feel like I would be SUPER annoying if I wore these to work (all that typing!).

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