DIY Halloween Bejeweled Mask + A Girls Night Crafting Party

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I’ve always loved creating my own Halloween costumes.  For starters, the latex and rayon costumes at typical Halloween costume shops are well, terrifying, and I’ve always loved getting crafty with a purpose.  Some years my handmade costume turns out better than others, and most years, my sister and I wind up throwing wings on and calling ourselves some version of “fairies” (gothic fairies, Katy Perry and Rhianna fairies, Royal Tenenbaum fairies, it’s all good).  But this year, I have a pretty awesome blinged out mask to wear, so now all I need is the punk tulle skirt and I’m ready for Halloween … or the MET Gala.

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Back in early September, I spent a day with a few amazing and talented Glam producers, editors, and bloggers, and we created and filmed a little DIY Halloween Mask Girls Night In.  I had a blast breaking out the glue gun, flexing my DIY muscle, and bonding with great girls.

I also love the idea of throwing a little Girls Night In crafting party for pre-Halloween costume festivities.  Cover your dining room table with craft paper, light a few black candles, throw in a little wine and a few snacks, or pizza delivery, and you’ve got yourself a great little party, just before Halloween; plus everyone will leave with a Halloween costume ready-to-go.

DIY mask masquerade halloween jewels mesh styrofoam _ DIY mask masquerade halloween jewels final product flowers _

What you’ll need:

A few tips for making your own DIY mask:

  • It helped to work on a styrofoam head form.  You can pick one up at any craft store or order online.
  • Cut your mask shape out of the mesh first.  Be sure to cut two holes for eyes out as well (trick: fold the mask at the point where you want the eyes and cut half ovals).
  • Use the t-pins to secure your mesh mask to the head form while you work on gluing to the mask.
  • If you’re going for jewels, the mesh may not be heavy enough to support them, so we hot-glued strips of metal mesh over the white mesh (use the t-pins to keep everything in place) and then, using a pair of scissors, roughly cut out the shape of the mask.
  • Stock up on plenty of glue sticks (you’ll need them) and keep your glue gun hot.
  • Don’t be afraid to mess up.  Just glue something sparkly on top and it will look great!

DIY mask masquerade halloween jewels masks feathers flowers bloggers crafting girls night _

And here are all of the fantastic masks created by Channing, RachaelErica, and myself; feathers, flowers, leather and lace, and crystals.

All Photos taken by me, Lexi of Glitter, Inc.



  1. Dana

    Oh what a fun idea! I am all about the homemade costumes as well, and these masks seem like so much fun to make. Plus they will be some pretty cool decor items after!

    • Lexi

      So true! Definitely going to be hanging that mask somewhere in my office. 🙂

  2. Alyssa

    That is some serious bling–how cool!

  3. megan

    ooooh how fun!

  4. jess

    Awesome masks, they are SO Lady Gaga (if that’s a style now, lol).


    • Lexi

      Oh my gosh, Lady Gaga was definitely my inspiration! 🙂

    • Lexi

      Thank you!! It was definitely a lot of fun to make too. 🙂

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