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Why I Fall In Love Again Every Day


Today is our three year wedding anniversary, and it went by in the blink of an eye.  We’ve been together much longer than that actually:  we met when I was sixteen, he was seventeen.  We were boyfriend-and-girlfriend weeks after that.  There was never any question that we wanted to be together.  The connection was instantaneous.  I’ve met so many great couples who started out as friends first, and I’m always touched by their sweet “falling in love” stories, but for us, from the moment we met, it was electricity – and that feeling just never went away.   I love my husband more today than I did at sixteen.  Of course, a deeper understanding of love comes with maturity, but I think … no, I know, that even as kids, we understood inherently what love was, what it meant, because we met that other person.

But truth is, after dating all through senior year of high school and most of college, I got scared. Really scared. He was applying to medical school, in states I’d only been to in car trips, safe behind the windows of my parents’ Suburban. I myself chose a state school rather than the better out-of-states because I needed to be close to everything I knew. I wasn’t ready to grow up. And adults encouraged the split – telling us we were too young (that somehow we couldn’t love each other quite that much when we were just that young.) I ended things in a flurry of emotion and we spent several years apart. My mom always jokes that even after the big break-up, Mike would swing by the house for dinner – we’d bat our eyelashes at one another, but I, ever the conservative, shied away from him, dated other boys, and missed him wholly. Fast-track to law school for me, medical school (and a PhD) for him, and it all just clicked. It fell back into place so effortlessly, we barely realized we were dating again by the time my law school Barrister’s Ball (a.k.a., grad school prom) had rolled around, and it felt like high school all over again.  We were married in one of the most joy-filled (and tear-filled) ceremonies, surrounded by our closest friends and family.  (The full post on our wedding weekend is HERE.)  He was my high school sweetheart, and also happened to be the love of my life.

And every day I love him a little more.  The kind of love that almost hurts because it feels so overwhelming in all of the right ways.  I feel so lucky to have met my person.  He’s perfect for me, and I think that’s what makes it so right.  He makes me laugh hysterically, dreams right alongside me, supports every crazy thing I do, he’s been through some of the toughest times I never imagined, he’s my rock, and knows when to put his arms around me and let me bawl or laugh or both.  He does these little things that are so incredibly thoughtful.  And when he does the things that are less than thoughtful, he smiles and apologizes and promises to do better, and my heart warms and it hurts just looking at him, seeing him in pain.  I miss him when he’s gone, even when it’s just a few hours apart.  We both work a lot, long hours, but our texts are filled with I Love You‘s (they’re basically incredibly embarrassing, and adorable, in the way I hope that we gross our future kids out all of the time.)  I guess the truth is, I have a crush on my husband.  A whopping, all-consuming, I-still-doodle-his-name-on-my-legal-pad-at-work kind of crush.  And I think the world of him.  Our love story isn’t perfect, but it’s ours, and it feels so good, so right, all of the time.  I can’t imagine a life spent without him.  It’s our kind of perfect.

Happy Anniversary, baby.


Confessions of a Shopaholic: Home Edition

Fall always has me dreaming up ways to decorate my house. Although we live in sunny Miami, I have my heart set on warm throws, fur pillows, rustic lamps, and a great big fireplace. Since the fireplace might be just a tad tough to come by, I’ll dream of the pretty home accessories instead.

confessions of a shopaholic hom edition design _

Get the Home Goods:

West Elm Industrial Task Table Lamp:  I love that this lamp is equal parts rustic and modern – very cool.

Tom Dixon London Scented Candles:  I’ve wanted to try these luxe candles for a while now.  Though a bit pricey, from a decor standpoint, they pack quite the punch – they’re designed in copper and solid marble – and this line is meant to smell like London (one of my favorite cities in the world.)

Rebecca Atwood Pillow: Rebecca Atwood, uber talented textile designer and sister of well-known blogger, Grace, designs these incredible hand-painted pillows … and I want them all.

Bodum Eileen Gold French Press Coffee Maker:  I’ve spotted this pretty gold french press in so many house tours and photo shoots – it looks extra fancy in gold and serves up delicious pressed coffee – what more could you ask for?

Pottery Barn Teen Metallic Dottie Sheets:  These the metallic gold polka dot sheets, from the from stylists Emily Current and Meritt Elliott’s brand new collaboration with Pottery Barn Teen. are just too good to pass on.  I’ve had my eye on them since the line launched (and I shared all of my favorite pieces from the collab, here) and I’m struggling to come up with a reason why I shouldn’t just snatch them up.

Layla Grace Candlewick Throw Blanket in Dove Grey:  I’m a sucker for a great throw blanket, especially during the colder seasons when temperatures drop and the couch and a good book call.

Fresh Peonies:  Flowers brighten up any room.

Heart Dome Paperweight:  Little by little, I’m tackling the great office unpack, and this sweet little paperweight would fit in nicely on top of the stacks of (currently) unorganized papers.

Rough Cast Silver Plates:  Perfect for Fall parties, I can’t get enough serving dishes.  Seriously, my cabinets are bursting with cute trays, mason jars, olive dishes, cheese boards, you name it.

Layla Grace Mirror: How great would this mirror be in an entryway?  Stunning.

(Check out the origins of this shopping-addiction-purge-series, here.)


Tuesday Shoesday

In honor of Halloween this week, I’m sharing a pair of pretty edgy wedding shoes … emphasis on the pretty.  They’re speckled, they’re black, they’re white, they have the perfect tell-tale red bottoms, they even have spikes … these are some crazy awesome shoes … and paired with a wedding dress, hello statement-makers.

christian louboutin wedding shoes heels black speckled red studs spikes gold bride

Via Style Me Pretty // Photography: Kina Wicks Photography // Wedding Shoes: Christian Louboutin



DIY Dip-Dye Glitter Pumpkins

It’s no secret that I’m a glitter fanatic, and this project is simple and utilizes a whole lot of glitter. I am also admittedly one of the many who obsesses over all things pumpkin during the Fall holidays. Dipping the pumpkins in glitter is easy and fun, and looks really fancy. Basically, this DIY is perfect for me … and I suspect, for a lot of you too.

DIY glitter pumpkins halloween _

And of course, these glitter-dipped pumpkins are perfect for a Halloween decoration or as rustic-meets-glam centerpieces for a Thanksgiving tablescape.

DIY glitter pumpkins halloween craft gold _


mod podge
tape (masking tape or painter’s tape)


  1. Be sure your pumpkins are clean and dry.
  2. Here the pumpkins are only covered in glitter halfway up, you can use masking tape to tape about halfway down the pumpkin and mod podge below the line of tape.  Or you could freehand it; it all looks great.
  3. Paint on the mod podge wherever you want the glitter, then sprinkle glitter generously over the mod podge.
  4. Shake off any extra glitter and touch up any spots you missed.
  5. Once your pumpkins have completely dried, it’s a good idea to gently paint on another coat of modge podge. This will dry clear and will help keep the glitter from getting on everything.

DIY glitter pumpkins halloween how-to _

Voila – you have sparkly pumpkins that will keep your table adorable and festive through the holidays!

DIY glitter pumpkin halloween _

This fabulous DIY was submitted by Kelsey of P.S. Heart – check out her blog for more great projects and recipes!


Color of the Season: Oxblood

Have I mentioned at least ten times here in the last few weeks how much I love Fall?  Because I do; I really really do.  And the colors of Fall are no exception.  I’ve always loved a vampy red, a deep burgundy, an almost-black oxblood, and this season, in everything from fashion to beauty, shoes to handbags, and so much more, Fall trends are including the deeper darker shade.

target style fall oxblood maroon berry wine _

Get the Look: Collar-neck Dress // Revlon Color-Stay Lip Gloss // Smoking Loafers // Leather Sleeve Dress // Twisted Snood Scarf // Parka // Sally Hansen Nail Polish // Crossbody Handbag in Burgundy

So far, I’ve painted my nails a few different shades of the vampy maroon color (and I can’t get enough), and last week I bought my first wine-colored purse (worn here), but I’m dreaming of incorporating more oxblood maroon into my actual wardrobe. I would love a pair of oxblood-colored loafers and a plush scarf in a warm wine or berry is high on my list too.

Have you made any oxblood-colored purchases for Fall?  (And fun fact: all of these picks are from Target, so you can not only jump right on trend with Fall’s hottest color, but you can do it at a great price!  I heart Target.)


Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Target via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target.


The Weekend Edition: Halloween

I love getting into the Halloween spirit. Even when I don’t have a big party to go to, and no major Halloween plans, I still love playing dress up, at least in small doses. A few spikes, skulls, some black nail polish, and plenty of pumpkin-filled treats in the kitchen, and I’ve satisfied my Halloween love. One of these days I’ll get around to throwing a great big Halloween bash, but until then …

october halloween outfit look _

Get the Halloween Look:  360 Cashmere Jack Skull Sweater // BCBG Lace Bunny Headband // BaubleBar Feline Triad Ring // Black Bat Stud Earrings // Yves Saint Laurent ROUGE PUR COUTURE MAT Lipstick // Paige Sienna Coated Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans // Monserat De Lucca Ram Skull Necklace // Monserat De Lucca Frog Skeleton Necklace // Serpui Marie Swarovski Skull Metallic Minaudiere // Alexander McQueen Metal Aviators with Skull // Charlotte Olympia Desiree Bat-Print Suede Pumps // Joomi Lim London Calling Skull Layered Bracelet // Joomi Lim London Calling Skull Bracelet 

Be sure to visit my Halloween Board on Pinterest for amazing DIY’s, costumes, party ideas, and recipes; a.k.a., the I-wish-I-was-throwing-a-party board!