Purse-Friendly Ballet Flats

yosi samra ballet flats foldable

You know your feet hurt … bad … when you’re dedicating a full post to fold-able ballet flats on the heels of New York Fashion Week.  After crunching my toes for the past week, I met Ashley of Pursuit of Shoes (who is totally adorable, by the way!), and she swore by her Yosi Samra ballet flats.  They are comfy and fold so they can be thrown into your purse in between takes in your high heels.  I would never ever ever go to an event, especially an event during New York Fashion Week, without my heels on.  Heels are my power source, and help with the whole 5-foot-2 issue.  But walking from venue to venue in teetering heels = not fun.  Clearly, I need a pair, or three.  I’m a bit wary about storing my highest heels in that same bag when I switch into the flats, but I’m thinking it’s worth a try!  Do you switch out your heels for flats once the party’s over?

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  1. Dana

    I have a pair of these and love them! They are so convenient and comfy! I almost always take a pair of flats with me if I’m wearing heels. Subway + heels is not a good combination.

  2. Kodi

    I don’t usually, because I don’t live in a city and am just sitting in a car/driving to get from place to place. But I DEFINITELY would be stowing flats if I lived in a city to get me around — I can’t handle heels for long periods of walking!
    grey et al

  3. Rachel

    I’m on the hunt for comfy, cheap flats- these look like ones I should try out!

    • Lexi

      I heard so many good things – definitely will try them out and report back! 🙂

  4. Lori

    I would definitely stow away heels in favor of flats for the in between times. I try to keep a pair of flats in my classroom for the end of the day when I have to run back and forth across the campus from my room to the office. I love how many choices you’ve included here! Now, I know running around my school’s campus isn’t as glamorous as running around NYC, but I’m thinking the same comfort level is needed!

    • Lexi

      haha, trust me – most of the time I’m running around a law office – so it’s not typically all that glamorous!

  5. Jessie

    I MIGHT have to be ordering these tonight… Thanks! XO

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